Monday, April 11, 2011

A to Z fun - the best facebook app

 What would be your answer be if I ask the features you want in a facebook application?
Generally you want a app which can update your status in a cool and funky way.. moreover some may want a pic to post..
There you go.. This app: A to Z fun, can browse you all Google images accurately, in addition it will sort the results on basis of color!.. isn't that cool?!.. have a look..

You want to update your status?.. This app will do it for you...
Posts are well categorized and more over you will get an feature to EDIT it in different fonts.. in addition, this app will allow you to send the funky edited status direct to your friend's wall..

Want more?.. Here you go!.. This app calculates your love percentage too!!..
Go check it out who is the perfect match for you!!..

Don't be lazy, Don't be Greedy!!.. Let your friends enjoy this uber cool app..
Invite them All!!!...

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