Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Angry Birds and Super Mario

New ODI rules and regulations by ICC 2011

  1. Elective power-plays should be taken between the 16th and the 40th over.
  2. Two new balls per innings (one from each end).
  3. The ICC has suggested that it may also review the maximum number of overs a bowler can bowl.
  4. Two bouncers per over are allowed.
  5. Four fielders outside 30 yards circle in power-plays (-not in mandatory).
  6. No runners for injured batsmen.
  7. ICC throws World Cup lifeline to minnows.

These New ODI Rules are effective from the 1st of October 2011.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Cricket Songs : I just had cricket.. and Teri tirchi ball ne..

Something beautiful happens
in this world


You don't know how to express yourself so
You just gotta sing

I just had cricket
And it felt so good (felt so good)

A captain let me put my talent inside team (team)
I just had cricket (Hey!)
And I'll never go back (never go back)
To the not-having-cricket
Ways of the past

Have you ever had cricket?
I have, it felt great
It felt so good when I did it with my bat

A captain let me do it
It literally just happened
Having cricket could make a nice man out' the meanest

You'll never guess where I just came from
I had cricket
If I had to describe the feeling it was the best

When I had the cricket
'Meant my bat felt great
And I called my parents right after I was done

Oh hey, didn't see you there
Guess what I just did
Had cricket, padded, saw his swing and the spin

I just had cricket
And it felt so good (felt so good)
A captain let me put my talent inside team (team)
I Wanna tell the world

Still counts
I just had cricket
And my dreams came true (dreams came true)
So if you had cricket in the last 30 minutes then you're qualified to sing with me
I just had cricket (everybody sing!)
And it felt so good (we all had cricket!)


Teri tirchi ball ne stump ko kar diya pencher
Teri tirchi ball ne stump ko kar diya pencher
Oye pencher pencher pencher pencher pencher
Teri tirchi ball ne stump ko kar diya pencher
Cricket waley Disco, Football waley khisko
Cricket waley Disco, Football waley khisko
(sa ni re re re re re re re re re re re re re re)
Cricket waley Disco, Football waley khisko
Cricket waley Disco, Football waley khisko

Pitch ko dekha toh kho gaya
Main Hit Wicket sa ho gaya
Socha tumne bhi Hint diya
Lekin Powerplay ka Print diya
Dil tukde tukde ho gaya
Uss din main jaldi so gaya
Hoye maara tune On Off and Middle
Hoye Middle Middle Middle Middle Middle

O teri
Teri tirchi ball ne stump ko kar diya pencher

Psych X505 Cricket Wallpapers

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Difference between Advanced JAVA and Core JAVA?

Just For Fun : J2DE

Java is categorized into 3 types:
  • J2SE ( Java2 Standard Edition)  
  • J2EE ( Java2 Enterprise Edition)  
  • J2ME ( Java2 Micro/Mobile Edition)

Core Java:-
  1. Core Java is the basic of Java programming technology concept.
  2. This basic concepts in Java is normally referred as 'Core Java' programming.
  3. The Core Java comprises the Single Tier Architecture.
  4. The Core Java programming interfaces are the basic foundation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition .
  5. The Core Java concept used in all classes of Java programming, i.e from Java EE applications to desktop applications.
  6. The Core Java comprises util, lang, awt, io and net packages.
  7. The Core Java covers OOPS Concepts, Wrapper Classes, Special Operators, Data types, exception Handling, Stack, Linked List, Queue, Array List.
  8. Mostly all packages of "Core Java" started with 'java.lang..'
  9. In Core Java we don't have any solutions for dynamic process but still Core Java is a very efficient for developers and this is the strong basement for applications. 
  10. Core Java means "stand -alone" java application.
Advanced Java:-
  1. Advanced Java is the next advanced level concept of Java programming.
  2. This high level java programming basically uses two Tier Architecture i.e Client and Server.
  3. The 'Advanced Java' comprises the very complex advanced programming.
  4. The advanced java programming covers the Swings, Socket Programming, AWT, Thread Concepts as well as the Collection objects and classes.
  5. "Advanced Java" is nothing but specialization in domains such as web, networking, data base handling.most of the packages "Advanced Java" are always start with 'javax.servlet..'
  6. All the event handling mechanism of Java comes into the Advanced Java programming.
  7. Advanced Java is used for developing the web based application and enterprise application.
  8. Advanced Java is specialization in some domain , as someone in networking,web,DCOM,or data base handling.
  9. Advanced Java has complete solution for dynamic processes which has many frameworks design patterns servers mainly JSP.
  10. Advanced Java means java application that run on servers means these are the web application.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mobile Games Downloading Websites

>> Top 11 Websites for Free Mobile Games Download <<
  1. GetJar
  2. Zedge
  3. Mobile9
  4. Mobile Rated
  5. UMNet
  6. eMobilez
  7. Rediff Mobile
  8. Mobile Heart
  9. Games 2 Win 
  10. Mobile3k  
  11. MobiClub

Girls with Dogs (Lucky Dogs!!..)

I guess this is the reason why Men wants to be a DOG!!!...

Gammat Gulal [ ગમ્મત ગુલાલ ]

ગમ્મત ગુલાલઅમદાવાદ દુરદર્શન પરથી પ્રસારીત કરવામાં આવતો એક કાર્યક્રમ છે. આ કાર્યક્રમમાં દર અઠવાડિયે જુદા જુદા જાણીતા ગુજરાતી હાસ્ય કલાકારો પોતાની વકતવ્ય કલા રજુ કરતા અને લોકો એને ખડખડાટ હસીને માણતા હતા. આ કાર્યક્રમમાં શહાબુદ્દીન રાઠોડ, જગદીશ ત્રિવેદી, નિર્મિશ ઠાકર જેવા નામી હાસ્ય કલાકારો એમની હાસ્ય કલા રજુ કરી ચુક્યા છે.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Virtual Memory | Virtual OS | Virtual Desktop | Virtual Machine | Virtual Server

Virtual Memory

Virtual memory is the use of space on a hard disk drive (HDD) to simulate additional main memory.
An imaginary memory area supported by some operating systems (for example, Windows but not DOS) in conjunction with the hardware. You can think of virtual memory as an alternate set of memory addresses. Programs use these virtual addresses rather than real addresses to store instructions and data. When the program is actually executed, the virtual addresses are converted into real memory addresses.

Virtual OS

An operating system that can host other operating systems.

Guest OS

A guest OS is an operating system that is installed in a virtual machine or disk partition in addition to the host or main OS.

In virtualization, a single computer can run more than one OS at the same time. In disk partitioning, a guest OS must be the same as the host OS. In a virtualization solution, a guest OS can be different from the host OS. A program called Boot Camp allows users of Intel-based Macintosh (Mac) computers to run Windows XP as the guest OS. Once Boot Camp has been installed on the Mac's hard disk, the user can boot the computer using either Mac OS X or Windows XP.

Virtual Desktop

A virtual desktop is an individual user's interface in a virtualized environment.

The virtualized desktop is stored on a remote server rather than locally. Desktop virtualization software separates the physical machine from the software and presents an isolated operating system for users.  Desktop virtualization tools include Microsoft Virtual PC, VMware Workstation and Parallels Desktop for Mac.

Virtual Machine

A virtual machine (VM) is a "completely isolated operating system installation within your normal operating system".

A virtual machine is a tightly isolated software container that can run its own operating systems and applications as if it were a physical computer. A virtual machine behaves exactly like a physical computer and contains it own virtual (ie, software-based) CPU, RAM hard disk and network interface card (NIC). 

Virtual Infrastructure

A virtual infrastructure lets you share your physical resources of multiple machines across your entire infrastructure. 

A virtual machine lets you share the resources of a single physical computer across multiple virtual machines for maximum efficiency. Resources are shared across multiple virtual machines and applications. Your business needs are the driving force behind dynamically mapping the physical resources of your infrastructure to applications—even as those needs evolve and change. Aggregate your x86 servers along with network and storage into a unified pool of IT resources that can be utilized by the applications when and where they’re needed. This resource optimization drives greater flexibility in the organization and results in lower capital and operational costs.

Virtual Server

A server, usually a Web server, that shares computer resources with other virtual servers. In this context, the virtual part simply means that it is not a dedicated server -- that is, the entire computer is not dedicated to running the server software.

Virtual Web servers are a very popular way of providing low-cost web hosting services. Instead of requiring a separate computer for each server, dozens of virtual servers can co-reside on the same computer. In most cases, performance is not affected and each web site behaves as if it is being served by a dedicated server. However, if too many virtual servers reside on the same computer, or if one virtual server starts hogging resources, Web pages will be delivered more slowly.