Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Create your own mobile website with Google

Create your own mobile website with Google

Internet giant, Google has started a new initiative called 'Let's talk Mo'. Under the new initiative, Google is offering tools to businesses to create their own website on mobile platform though its website known as

On the Let's Talk Mo website, businesses will be able to see how their sites look on a smartphone using the GoMoMeter tool and get personalised recommendations for creating a more user friendly experience. You can also choose from a range of partners who provide a Do It Yourself tool to create a mobile site free of cost.

The site also provides information on current mobile trends, best practices, case studies and various other resources to help businesses develop a successful mobile presence.



Officials from the Indian army announced today that they are launching a massive drive, to seize illegal arms and explosives in the riot hit state of Assam.
The operation will be conducted along the six districts of Brahmaputra Valley (Lower Assam), from where the maximum number of casualties was reported. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister of Assam, Tarun Gogoi expressed hope that the army drive will ultimately result in the end of violence, which has been raging for many weeks now.

India starts to build Angkor Wat replica

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India starts to build Angkor Wat replica

The project of Viraat Angkor Wat Ram Mandir has received the attention of the press throughout the world. The news has been published in the celebrated newspapers like the Guardian, the Independent of London; the Wall Street Journal of New York, the Huffington Post published from the U.S.A., the U.K. and many other countries. The news was released by many international channels such as A.F.P., B.B.C. and C.N.N. Go and through them it has been published in almost 200 newspapers in the world. The celebrated magazine Time of America has placed it at the top replica wonder in the world.
Earlier the temple was to be 222 ft. long, 222 ft. wide and 222 ft. tall. But now after a lot of research and contact with the experts who have worked on the Angkor Wat temple, it has been decided to make it 360 ft. long, 360 ft. wide and 270 ft. tall to make it the largest Hindu temple with the tallest shikhar (spire) in the world. It will follow the architectural design of the Angkor Wat temple but it will not be the exact replica because our measurements vary from theirs. But like Angkor Wat temple this Ram Mandir too, will have five layers and devotees will have to walk a long way in five layers before reaching the fifth layer which will house the presiding deity Bhagavan Rãma at a height of 72 ft. from the ground floor. There will be 21 sanctum sanctorum and 21 shikhars in the temple. For the old and infirm devotees there will be escalators to assist them to reach the main temple of Rãm.

NEW DELHI — A Hindu trust in India on Monday started a 10-year project to build a replica of Cambodia's Angkor Wat temple on the banks of the Ganges.
A foundation-laying ceremony was held at the 40-acre (16 hectare) site in the eastern state of Bihar where the trust plans to recreate the temple's huge structure and elaborate stone carvings.
  Organizerssay they intend the new building to be the tallest Hindu temple in the world.
The UNESCO-listed site in Cambodia contains the remains of various capitals from the Khmer empire and is a major international tourist destination.
The main temple was first dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu when it was built in the 12th century before later being used for Buddhist worship.
"It will be a replica of Angkor Wat but the temple will be slightly taller than the original," Kishore Kunal, secretary of the Bihar Mahavir Mandir Trust, told AFP by telephone.
Kunal said the plan was to "recreate Angkor Wat's grandeur and splendour" near the town of Hajipur, 25 kilometers (16 miles) from the Bihar state capital of Patna.
The trust, which has constructed a number of temples and hospitals in Bihar, is mainly funded by donations and has put an estimated budget of $20 million on the project.
"We cannot match the original in terms of the size of the entire temple complex. But we will try what we can with the land and the means that we have," said Kunal.