Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013 SMS

The hours Of Life I spend with u
I look upon as sort of a perfumed garden
A dim twilight
And a fountain singing to it
U & U alone make me feel
That I'm alive
Other men its said have seen angels
But I have seen thee & thou art enough
Love u
Happy Valentines Day My angel
O My Love
Happy Valentines Day
I would want to be a teardrop
because I would be born in your eyes
live on your cheeks
& die on your lips
Love u So Much
I Like Very Much these two Lines
Trip over love you can get up
Fall in love you fall forever
what u want
u r my life my love
u r my shelter from all fear
Baby with u hand in hand
i have found my whole world divine
Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day 2013

Will U B My Valentine???

This May Be A Little Silly,
But I Have A Question For You,
Will You Be My Valentine?
Cause No One Else Will Do
I Know You Are My Boyfriend
But Will You Be My Valentine?
I Can’t Think Of Anyone Else
I’d Want To Have As Mine
No One Else Gives Me The Tingles
The Way You Always Do,
So, Will You Be My Valentine?
So I Can Share This With You…
No One Has Ever Kissed Me
And Sent Chills Down My Spine,
Until The Night You Kissed Me,
So, Please Be My Valentine…
Like I Said This Is Silly,
But I Have One Last Question For You…
If You Agree To Be My Valentine,
Can I Be Yours Too?