Friday, October 25, 2013

How to install Spotify and setup an account(for Indian Users)

If you love music then spotify is an app especially mad for you.This app allows streaming of songs from various albums all around the world.
The following steps are to be followed to create an account if you are living in India.It's quite frustrating that the app hasn't been released yet in India but you can still use it following these steps.
step 1.Install TunnelBear
step 2. Open TunnelBear and Set the proxy location to UK and Enable it
step 4.sign up using your email id and not your facebook account(Most important step)
step 5.Download the spotify app and install it 
step 6.Login through the app
You can disable the proxy (Tunnelbear).You just need it for signup.One important thing Do not link your facebook account and if you do set the country to England.
Enjoy the music 

Adnan Januzaj signs 5 year contract with Manchester United

After being offered by many clubs like Barcelona,Paris saints German,Manchester City  Adnan Januzaj has signed a 5 year contract with the red devils Manchester united. He lands biggest signing-on fee for a teenager in Manchester United history. We will see more of this youngster playing as either midfielder or a winger in the Barclays Premier League for Manchester United.

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