Friday, October 25, 2013

Breaking Bad

It's been a few weeks since the season finale of breaking bad. the finale had over 10 million viewers in US. the show has been rated 9.5 by IMDB and is one of very few shows to get such a rating.It made the characters jesse pinkman, walter white ,salamanca cousins and hank quite famous. Although the end was a bit tragic but overall the show was awesome. Remembering Some epic scenes were the robbery from train,the data corruption in DEA hq, the turtle and the red phosphorus blast. it is a really amazing series to watch. it has all drama ,emotion, crime, action and suspense. It is an absolute delight to watch and recommended by me.Very few people know that it is based on a true story based on 74-year-old mathematics professor Irina Kristy .The actors who played the salamanca cousins were ex gangsters.Badfinger's song "Baby Blue," which was featured in the show's finale increased its sales by 9000 %.