Saturday, July 14, 2012

Uddhab Bharali

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Assam innovator "Uddhab Bharali" has been shortlisted for the prestigious NASA Technology Award:

The US-based National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has shortlisted Assamese innovator Uddhab Bharali for its prestigious NASA Technology Award.

Bharali has also been nominated for the World Technology Award 2012 given by World Technology Network.

Based in North Lakhimpur town in north-eastern Assam, Bharali has 39 universal patents to his name. But the 45-year-old innovator is best known for his mini pomegranate de-seeder.

"I am among the 26 innovators from across the globe to have qualified for the NASA award," Bharali said from his hometown.
"I have qualified for developing the mini pomegranate de-seeder, which has become very popular in the United States."

The machine, exported to the US and Turkey, separates the outer cover and thin inner membrane of a pomegranate without damaging the seeds. It has a capacity of de-seeding 50-55 kg of pomegranates per hour.

Bharali said NASA briefed him about the system involved in deciding the winners.

"Out of the 26 who have qualified, 10 would be given the award through online voting. Getting requisite votes is secondary; qualifying for the award is recognition as an international innovator," he added.

The nomination for the World Technology Award, on the other hand, is for the mini CTC tea plant that Bharali had designed.

Small enough to be set up in a 14ft by 20ft space, his tea plant follows all established procedures of massive tea producing machines and can produce up to 100kg of tea per day with a power intake of only 2KW.

Bharali began innovating in 1988, and his first device was a polythene filmmaking unit. He has since innovated 98 engineering devices.

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