Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Google Santa Tracker 2012

Google!!.. The world's most used and loved search engine.. Google does many more things then just being an search engine.. Google amazes world by it's creative ideas like Google Doodles and Games.. This time on the occasion of Christmas Google has come up with new ideas to entertain people.. Google has introduced today Santa Tracker which shows the current time left for Santa Claus to ride on to send gifts all over.. Google Santa Tracker is much more than just tracking the time and displaying the counter.. It has cool animation and funky games which can be played by everyone, like the games they introduced during The Olympics..

I am one of the die hard Google fan, and I had posted previously introduced awesome doodles here on my site and now I am taking to the journey of Santa Tracker.. I have made a complete photo story showing all of the parts of it.. This article can help you to explore all the functions of it in case, you missed any of them and it will serve as a memorial for this awesome doodle.. So just keep scrolling..

Fasten you seat-belts and prepare for this thrilling ride.
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