Saturday, May 5, 2012

Uninor's new way of cheating in 2012

I am a regular Uninor user since several past months, and I was happy using it until last couple of days. It shocked me when I receive those messages. I was charged unfairly by Uninor, and here I am revealing how they cheated me.

I was charged regularly for couple of days. It was for some stupid games which I never downloaded. Thus I decided to register a complaint about it; but when I explored all the parts of their website I was again shocked as there was not any single e-mail ID provided to contact, not even an complaint form. All that I found was content for new registrations.

However I scrolled the internet and fortunately was able to find an e-mail ID. Then I mailed them my complaint and yet waiting for their reply with a hope that I will get refund; and wishing they will not do any cheat again.

If you are also having troubles with your Uninor then you can approach on or call 121.

If you are not satisfied with their action then you can file your complaint at following websites: