Thursday, July 19, 2012

Akshay Kumar dialogue in Namastey London

>>> Something New & Feel Proud to be  an INDIAN <<<

Akshay Kumar dialogue in Namastey London when he is talking to the British man at the party and he talks about India's achievement.
Mr Pringle, he'd like to tell you something about India...
When we greet one another, we fold our hands in Namastey... because we believe... that God resides in the heart of every human being.
We come from a nation where we allow a lady of Catholic origin... to step aside for a Sikh to be sworn in as Prime Minister... to a Muslim President to govern a nation of over 80 percent Hindus.
It may also interest you to know that... many of the origins to your words come from Sanskrit.
For example, maatr becomes mother... bhratr becomes brother, giamiti becomes geometry, trikonniti becomes trigonometry.
We have 5600 newspapers... magazines in over twenty-one different languages... with a combined readership of over 120 million.
We have reached the moon and back, but yet... you people still feel that we've only reached as far as the Indian rope trick.
We are the third largest pool in the word of doctors, engineers and scientists.
Maybe your grandfather didn't tell you that... we have the third largest army in the world.
And even then, I fold my hands in humility before you... because we don't believe we are above or beneath any individual.
And... Namastey.. :)


:: Good Morning Dosto :: AWAKENING :: 18th July :: 


Most of us have paused to ask our self, “What is the purpose of my life?” We look for our purpose in our roles, relationships and responsibilities. A doctor would say his purpose is to heal, an actor to entertain, a social worker to serve, a mother to take care of her family …. We seem to always look for our purpose in the DOING. While doing we can create stress, anger, jealousy, hurt… We are not human doings, we are human beings. I the being, the soul, using a human body. My purpose will be the purpose of I the soul, and that purpose is not in doing, but in the BEING. I the soul am beautiful, pure, peace, love, bliss, truth and wisdom. Purpose is to give to others what I have, i.e. to express in every interaction my own qualities. Doctor is my profession, healing is my role, PURPOSE is to heal with love, peace, purity and truth. Mother is my role, to take care is my responsibility, PURPOSE is to do with wisdom, love, peace and bliss. Today we are DOING perfect acts, but because we are not BEING perfect and expressing our true nature of peace and love in every act, we are not fulfilling our purpose, and hence the vacuum.

Dosto, let us take care, whatever we do, we do it with peace, calm, compassion, truth and wisdom.


How to connect to Server IP in CS 1.6?

  • How to play CS 1.6 online?
  • How to play CS 1.6 in LAN?
  • How to play CS 1.6 on internet?
  • How to join a CS 1.6 server?
  • How to connect to a CS 1.6 server?
  • How to play in an online CS 1.6 server?

If you are having any sort of question listed above then you have come to right place. All these questions refers to a same answer that I have explained in this tutorial with pics.

First of all to play Counter Strike online you need an Internet connection with bandwidth (speed) of 32kbps. You also need to install Counter Strike 1.6.

There are two methods to join an online server.
First one is for temporary connection and second one is a saved connection.

Method 1 :-

You just need to press ~ key (it is below esc key and above tab key).
By pressing ~ key it will open console.
You have to write connect ip:port; in this case ip is and port is 27027.
In this method you need to type this every time you want to play on a server.

Method 2 :-

In this method we will save the Server IP so we will not have to type it every time and we can simply join it by clicking on it.

 Step 1:
Go to Find Servers options from CS menu and click on it. It will open the dialogue box shown in pic.
Then click on Favourites tabs from above menu.
Select Add Server option from below.
Type the server ip along with port separated by :

 Step 2:
After adding the server in your favorite list you can refresh it to see the current map and no. of players in that server at that time.

Step 3:
Now all is done. You just simply have to connect to the server.
Next time when you want to play you can simply go to find servers then in Favourites tab you can find this server and connect to it.

After joining into the server it will look like these

For any queries/assistance you can contact me on and

.:~ThE Ultimate FraGgers~:. #Official Server

About TUF
.:~ThE Ultimate FraGgers~:. #Official Server is proudly launching their official permanent static 24*7 Public (+ Private) server.
.:~ThE Ultimate FraGgers~:. (TUF) is an official Counter Strike (CS) clan and .:~ThE Ultimate FraGgers~:. #Official Server (TUF-OS) is TUF's official server of CS 1.6. is IP of TUF-OS.
TUF is a clan based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Made by group of engineering friends. Find more about TUF on

Founders of TUF
  1. Niraj Patel
  2. Pratik Shukla
  3. Vidit Maniyar
  4. Dattu Dave
  5. Chinmay Bhatt
Rules and Information

If you want to play on our server, you are welcome and it is absolutely free!!.. and will always be.. :)).. But you have to follow our guidelines and strictly obey them in order to convenience and prosperity of our server and other players.. IF you FAIL to do so you will be KICKED or BANNED Permanently.. or your CS may be DESTROYED..
We would like to PLAY with you.. We are waiting for you.. Show the world your SKILLS.. :D

  • Do NOT Cheat Or Hack ..!
  • Always Respect Admin and other players.
  • NEVER Abuse Admin and other players It will result in Heavy Penalty..!
  • Hacking or Abusive language will result in Destroying your CS.
  • Do NOT Advertise Any other server IP.
  • NO Spamming in Chat.
  • Spawn camping is not allowed after 30-40 second of round start. You will be slayed after that.
  • If someone is being rude to you, do not respond by being rude. Just post a complaint on the Facebook group with the name of the person and the exact time and post logs and screen shots or Demo also. We will check the logs and deal with the situation for you..!
  • Be patient / forgiving to new players. We all had to start somewhere. Calling people “noobs” and flaming them will not be accepted in our Servers.
  • If you have any complaint then feel free to talk to admin, if admin is not online then post them in our Facebook group.
  • Please be mature and make some sensible complaint, don't file small issues as complaint which can be handle by yourself. This kind of complaints will be discarded.
  • If you think somebody is cheating, record demos as proof and post it on the Facebook Group. Do NOT call people "hacker" etc. on the server. It is not up to you to decide if a player is cheating.
  • Breaking of any of Above Rule will result in Kick, Ban or Destroying your CS and you will be the only Responsible person for that.!
  • Failure to read these rules is no excuse to not abide by them..!
  • These rules may change over time, or new rules may be added. Updates are announced on the Facebook Group / Chat, so please be sure to check back for new versions.
 What are you waiting for? Just connect to TUF-OS at save it as your favorite server and Keep FRAGGING dear Pros........>>>...
---- Devharsh Trivedi ----