Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quiz-E-Cyber [19th & 20th March 2012]

"void main()" - Event in Teqnix 2012 [online competition]

"void main()" - Event in Teqnix 2012

We introduce you to the totally novice and unique concept in the history of "Teqnix" as well as in the history of Gujarat.
Void main() is of utmost prominence in the world of programming. It would be blasphemous to even think about programming without using void main(). Hereby we provide you with an opportunity to showcase and enhance your programming skills.

We serve you with this fabulous opportunity at your doorsteps where you wouldn't even have to spend your money. So gear up and accelerate your neural activity towards programming and prove yourself the best among programmers community.

This will be a 24 hours online competition, wherein you will be given 8 real time problem statements. All you have to do is to keep yourself at home, think and develop the logic for the solution and implement it in C, C++ or Java and submit your programs one by one as soon as you finish.

Visit the website (click on the above pic)