Monday, July 16, 2012

Cherrapunji is the wettest place

India's Cherrapunji is the wettest places on earth. Cherrapunji situated in North East India in the Meghalaya State (separated from the state of Assam in 1972, Meghalaya means “Home of the clouds”) in the Khasi Hills, is unbelievably the wettest place on the planet earth which receives the maximum rainfall in the world, holding a record that it once rained continuously every single day for two years. It made a world record of 1,041 inches of rain in 1861. The wettest place on Earth is the Indian town of Cherrapunji, with an average annual rainfall of 11.43 meters (38 feet 2 inches).

Truth of Varna system

Truth of Varna system :-

Today most Indians and almost all foreigners think that vedas propagated caste system, this is utterly false. A trick used by English invaders to show Indian scriptures in bad light,to divide India based on color/caste.

This was done by roping in German missionaries who were scholars in sanskrit they translated our ancient scriptures but just twisted the main word "Varna" they propagated "Varna" as caste.But any sanskrit student would tell you "Varna" means color. Through this deliberate tactic, caste system engendered, it encroached our society and India was divided. Objective achieved by the English.

Let's first understand what is "Varna"? Learned Rishis(Scientists of Vedic age) gave a particular color to a particular personality present in every men/women and this was called varna.This color expresses our ("Vasanas") tendencies, This tendencies fall under three types - Noble,mediocre and the basest(low/vicious/lusty/greedy) .The highest kind of tendency are called "Satvik", mediocre is called "Rajasik" and the basest "Tamasik".

"Satvik" is white in color,"Rajas" is red in color and "Tamas" is black in color. Every human have all these color but in different proportions.

Extremely "Satvik" are sages/prophets/masters. "Rajasik" with "Satvik" are great leaders of mankind(rulers) inspired by high ideals,sense of duty and justice.(Kshatriyas). traders,commerce is as dynamic as the politicians they will work 18hrs a day but for themselves,combination of "Rajasik" and Tamasik". The last kind are "Tamasik" labour class, all around the globe labour class is "Tamasik" if they get a chance they will sit down.They are only brawns and not brains, there is always in every community such people.So idolent/sleepy/dull- such people are Tamasik.

This is not only in India, but all around the world.So it was never that a brahmin's son would be a brahmin. Infact Vedas says a person is Brahmin only after he knows Brahman which means truth.

In conclusion what you want to be is only determined by your Karma, YOU.