Saturday, April 16, 2011

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new spam(virus) on facebook

Facebook is having bad days... few days ago I have posted about the bug - the database failure... now a new spam has hit the facebook..
It is not a new thing.. and many are quite used to it.. but still it may refer to as a virus.. so beware.. just see below to check out how it looks..

Example 1

Example 2

It says Get A Free Facebook T-Shirt... and when you will click on that link you will be redirect to a website which has interface similar to facebook to fool people up..
As you can see the RED HOLLOW CIRCLES after the facebook links.. it is WOT.. red indicates vulnerability..

It will ask you to Post their link on 10 different groups.... Now no more explanation needed to make you understand how it spreads.. 

the website

So guyz plz stay away from these links... and dont click on them... and remove / mark as spam this link wherever you see it.. and contribute a little to make facebook safe from your side!!.. Enjoy FBing!!...

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