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-From the day one..
she becomes apple of her father’s eyes…
Her silent tears do wonders..
and Dad agrees to do on what he said a big 'No' earlier..! :)

-She can walk in style all day long without looking tired...:D

-She burns her hand....while learning cooking for you..but never complains...:(

-She can cry all night, but the next morning when her eyes are red..
its just because mascara hit her eyes.. =)

-She Likes to be called "Angel" or "Princess" or "Baby"…

-She will drop a lot of hints to tell you that she Loves you
But she won’t come say it directly..

-When a guy says something really sentimental,
She will remember it forever.. :)

-When a girl cooks for you.. You know..?
You mean a lot to her..

-She feels Honored.. when You ask her Advice.. =)

-She feels Shy.. when you look at her Silently.. =)

-She feels Protective when she is dependent on you..

-she is expected to seal her Words …
to crush her emotions… to stop her tears..
and to have a big smile on her face.. no matter she is crying hard inside.. =(

-She is one.. who is treated as a Princess in her Parent's House,
when she gets Married.. She leaves every thing behind..
her Parents, their Love.. her Room..
she adopts your family Values.. even your family name..
She calls your mother "Mum"... and your father "Dad" :)

love her..... because so many love her but she chooses to love you.....

Do you have someone so special in your lives too..?

Why do ENGINEERING students always prefer Local Author books than REFERENCE books..??

Why do ENGINEERING students always
prefer Local Author books than
REFERENCE books..??
The local author says- "Jack & Jill went
up the hill to fetch a pail of water, jack
fell down and broke his crown and Jill
came tumbling after"
“ 2 humans ascended a certain
geological protuberance to collect
hydride of oxygen whose quantity is
not specified.
One member Jack of rapid irregular
disturbing movements encounter fatal
logical gravitational error leading to
complete disarray!
Other member whose scope lies within
disarray descends down the
protuberance at an acceleration,
whose magnitude is controlled by the
force of gravity"! :P :D

Different types of Girlfriend fighting with their boyfriend

Different types of Girlfriend fighting with their boyfriend...

Pilot's Girlfriend : Zyada ud Matt Samjha

Teacher's Girlfriend : Mujhe mat Sikhao Samjhe

Dentist's Girlfriend : Daant tod ke hath me de dungi

C.A.'S Girlfriend : Hisaab se reh samjha...

Engineer's Girlfriend : "Abey pehle Pass toh ho ja fir baat karna" :D :-P

Telephone Bill - રહસ્યમય ફોનનું બિલ

રહસ્યમય ફોનનું બિલ :

જેંતીના ઘરનું ફોન બિલ એકવાર બહુ વધુ આવી ગયું.

એટલે ઘરના વડીલ તરીકે તેણે તો રવિવારે સવારમાં બધા જ સભ્યોની મીટીંગ બોલાવી.

જેંતી : આ વખતનું ફોનનું બિલ બહુ જ વધુ આવ્યું છે,

હું તો ઓફિસનો ફોન જ વાપરું છું.

જે પણ આ ફોન વાપરતું હોય તેણે લીમીટમાં વાપરવો જોઈએ.

જેઠી (જેંતીની પત્ની) : સાચી વાત છે, હું પણ ભાગ્યે જ આ ઘરનો ફોન ઉપયોગમાં લઉં છું, બાકી તો સ્કૂલનો ફોન જ વાપરું છું.

જમરૂ (જેંતીનો છોકરો) : હું પણ ! ઘરનો ફોન ક્યારેય વાપરતો નથી. કંપનીનો મોબાઈલ જ વાપરું છું.

બધા જ આશ્ચર્યમાં પડી ગયા અને બાજુમાં કેટલા સમયથી શાંત ઉભેલી તેની કામવાળી,

જે બધું સાંભળતી હતી તેના તરફ શકની નજરે તેઓ બધા જોવા લાગ્યા.

કામવાળી ( બિન્દાસ થઇ ને ) :

“અરે વાહ ! આતો કેટલું સારું કેવાય કે આપણે બધા જ સરખા !!

બધા પોતપોતાના ઓફીસના ( work place ) જ ફોન વાપરીએ છીએ.”

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A real story that happened in China...really a touching story...

A real story that happened in China

... ..

なたさるかなだ羅山な滝さやかあな�� �やマヌらは坂花やまあ傘話間に魚玉� ��らはがやわまぁら花や なたまやかあさらやわはさたなはやなたきたなよ�� �いさは早見たかあやバカにかわ鼻高� ��なわ谷中あだ名はさな たかなあかさやなやまなたあかさなや帆な肉違い�� �耶

really a touching story.... mein toh emotional ho gaya :P

Rajinikanth's website does not need the internet ...

website which runs without internet.. but "Rajni Power!".. Of course, Rajni didn't design d site.. but he z d inspiration.. a God 4 his fans!! A real tribute to Rajinikanth. Some one has developed this website and can be browsed only if your internet is disconnected :P