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repairing the world

A scientist lived locked in his laboratory, seeking answers to the problems of the world. 
One day, his seven year old son broke into her room, determined to help him. Impatient, the scientist asked him to go play somewhere else, but without success.
He then sought some object that could entertain the boy's curiosity, they soon found the world map printed on the page of a magazine. 
Cut out the map into several pieces, grabbed a roll of duct tape and handed it to his son, saying:
- Do you like puzzles? 
So I'll give you the world, all broken to fix. See if you can do everything right.
He calculated that the child would take days to restore the map. 
However, a few hours later, he heard the voice of the child:
- Father, father, I have done everything. I finished every little thing!
Incredulous, the scientist looked up from her notes, certain I would see a meaningless statement. But to his surprise, the map was complete, with everything in their proper places.
- You did not know what the world was my son. How did you get?
- Dad, I did not know how the world tried to fix but could not.
But when you took the role of the magazine to cut, I saw that on the other hand, had the figure of a man. Then I remembered that I turned the clippings and started to fix the man I knew how. When I managed to fix the man turned and saw the sheet that had repaired the world.

The Woman In Your life ...!

To All The Men Who Read This…..
Please Read Fully 'n Understand…

To All The Women Who Read This…
An Excellent Forward…
Please Read fully... 
'n Forward To  The Boys You Know…

This Is A Beautiful Article:  The woman in your life...very well expressed.... 

Tomorrow you may get a working woman, but you should marryher with these facts as well. 

Here is a girl, who is as much educated as you are;  Who is earning almost as much as you do; 

One, who has dreams and aspirations just as  you have because she is as human as you are; 

One, who has never entered the kitchen in her life just like you or your  Sister haven't, as she was busy in studies and competing in a system  that gives no special concession to girls for their culinary achievements 

One, who has lived and loved her parents & brothers & sisters, almost as  much as you do for 20-25 years of her life; 

One, who has bravely agreed to leave behind all that, her home, people who love her, to adopt your home, your family, your ways and even your family ,name 

One, who is somehow expected to be a master-chef from day #1, while you sleep oblivious to her predicament in her new circumstances, environment and that kitchen 

One, who is expected to make the tea, first thing in the morning and cook  food at the end of the day, even if she is as tired as you are, maybe more,  and yet never ever expected to complain; to be a servant, a cook, a mother,  a wife, even if she doesn't want to; and is learning just like you are as  to what you want from her; and is clumsy and sloppy at times and knows that you won't like it if she is too demanding, or if she learns faster than you; 

One, who has her own set of friends, and that includes boys and even men at her workplace too, those, who she knows from school days and yet is willing to put all that on the back-burners to avoid your irrational jealousy, unnecessary competition and your inherent insecurities; 

One, who can be late from work once in a while whendeadlines, just like yours, are to be met; 

One, who is doing her level best and wants to make this most important,  relationship in her entire life a grand success, if you just help her some  and trust her; 

One, who just wants one thing from you, as you are the only one she knows in your entire house - your unstinted support, your sensitivities and most importantly - your understanding, or love, if you may call it. 

But not many guys understand this....... 

Please Appreciate "HER" 

I Hope You Will Do....


For people who always say that they haven't loved or they haven't been loved EVER, This one is for them:

You're not going to have a person beside you forever, FOREVER IS A LIE!

People will come, people will have to go. But if they love you while they stay, WHAT ELSE MATTERS?

Nobody's perfect, you aren't either and you never will be. So while someone is WITH you, stay WITH that person. MAKE TIME for each other, hold onto that person. GIVE SOMEONE THE MOST OF YOU, YOU CAN.

You live and you breathe and then you die. In between, IF YOU'RE LUCKY, YOU FALL IN LOVE. Otherwise, nobody's going to write poetry for you, nobody's going to think about you every moment. But when someone will give you a part of his/her that he/she knows you could break, don't break it. HANDLE THAT SOMEONE WITH UTMOST CARE!

Don't hurt someone, don't try to change someone. Don't expect more than that someone can give. Smile when someone makes you happy, yell when that someone makes you mad. Miss that someone when that someone is not around and let that someone know it. Don't be scared of love. LOVE HARD WHEN THERE IS LOVE TO BE HAD!
Love is all around, it's in the air! ♥

dont worry about me

Don't worry about me, I'll be fine
I'll make my bed and take my pills on time
And when I see somebody on the street
I make sure I say Hello, I say Hello
Don't worry about me, I'll be good
And I'll do all the things you said that I should
And when I see somebody on the street
I make sure that I smile (though I can't stand them)
They'll never know
They'll never see
They'll never get through to me, get through to me, get through to me
They'ill never know
They'll never see
They'll never get through to me, get through to me, get through to me

Don't worry about me, I'll be OK
I'll be the quiet one when there's nothing to say
Just sitting by himself in the corner singing this song
Thinking of you
Don't worry about me, I'll be allright
It's just that haven't slept for 64 nights
Coz sleep won't come without your arms wrapped around my soul
They'll never know
They'll never see
They'll never get through to me, get through to me, get through to me
They'll never know
They'll never see
They'll never get through to me, get through to me, get through to me

It's not that I got something to hide
It's just that, just that I got nothing inside
It feels like, feels like bulb in my ceiling went out
And I'm stuck in dark without you

No, I know I said that I won't even cry
But, but you gone so I see don't why
I shouldn't be spending every single day curled up on my floor
Thats my soul
Yeah I know there'll be times when we'll meet
Get a cup of tea or maybe pass on the streets
And everytime you look into my eyes you'll se I'm living this life
(just fakin it)
They'll never know
They'll never see
They'll never get through to me, get through to me, get through to me
They'll never know
They'll never see
Coz you are the only one, only one who ever knew me

SACHIN TENDULKAR - A Job Application profile

 Sachin Tendulkar: Curriculum Vitae
Sachin Tendulkar, Bandra, Mumbai, India. On Twitter: @sachin_rt


To seek career challenges keeping in view my past achievements and future goals. And to set new industry benchmarks in everything I endeavour.


International Cricketer: Indian National Cricket Team [1989 onwards]
First Class Cricketer: Mumbai, West Zone, Yorkshire [1988 onwards]
Junior Cricketer: Shardashram School, Bombay U-15, West Zone U-15 [1985-1988].


Indian Cricket Team: 1996-1997; 1999-2000.
Others: Mumbai, West Zone, Mumbai Indians, etc. [Various Times]


1.664*—Enough said. [Mumbai, 1988]
2.114*—Rescue mission against Spiteful Yellow Men on Green Earth. [Perth, 1991]
3.523 runs—Mission My World Cup. [India, 1996]
4.155*—Operation Deflate Warne [Chennai, 1998]
5.143 & 134—Operation Desert Storm [Sharjah, 1998]
6.136—Rescue Mission against the Vile Green Warriors on Dusty Earth [Chennai, 1999]
7.98—Operation Tame Vile Green Warriors [Centurion, 2003]
8.672 runs—Mission My World Cup II. [South Africa, 2003]
9.241* and 60*—Mission Avoid Cover Drive [Sydney, 2004]
10.117* and 93—Operation Slay Goliath [Sydney & Brisbane, 2008]
11.103*—Mission Heal Mumbai [Chennai, 2008]
12.200*—Mt 200 [Gwalior 2010]


1.122—Mission Hold The Empire [Edgbaston, 1996]
2.126—Operation Protect Final Frontier [Chennai, 2001]
3.117—Operation Kings of Queens Park [Port of Spain, 2002]
4.193—Mission Conquer Leeds [Leeds, 2002]
5.194*—Mission Sultan of Multan [Multan, 2004]
6.111*—Half-centurion in Centurion [Centurion, 2010]


1.119*—Operation Bat Till Bedtime [Manchester, 1990]
2.82—Mission Find New Opener [Christchurch, 1993]
3.1-0-3-0—Operation Hold South Africa [Kolkata, 1993]
4.169—Operation Counterattack [Cape Town, 1996]
5.140*—Operation This Is For You, Father [Bristol, 1999]
6.175—Mission Save Series [Hyderabad, 2009]


1. Hundreds on Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy and Irani Trophy debut.
2. India‟s youngest Test and ODI cricketer at age 16 years, 207 days.
3. Most runs in Tests and ODIs (14,080 and 17,598).
4. Most hundreds in Tests and ODIs (50 and 46).
5. Most ODI appearances (442)
6. Most Tests appearances (175).
7. 20 hundreds against Australia, the best team of my era.
8. 1894 runs and 9 hundreds in ODIs in 1998, a record.
9. 7 Test hundreds and 1543 Test runs in 2010, an Indian record.
10. 1796 runs in five World Cups.
11. Only cricketer with the 150 wickets and 15,000 runs in ODIs.
12. First cricketer to score 40 and 50 Test hundreds.
13. First cricketer to score 20, 30 and 40 ODI hundreds.


I have interests in the food and beverages industry. I partly own two restaurants in Mumbai:
Tendulkar‟s(Colaba, 2002).
Sachin‟s(Mulund, 2004)


PhD in Cricket.
Secondary School, Shardashram Vidhya Mandir, Mumbai.


I‟ve mastered nearly every cricket stroke in the book, but have a special reputation for these.
1. The Thunderous Bowler-Decapitating Straight Drive
2. Back-foot Punch Through Cover
3. Acute Paddle Sweep
4. Slog Sweep Against Turning Leg-Break
5. Effortless Wristy Flick Through Square Leg
6. Point-Killing Square Cut


Cars & Racing:
I love fast driving. I also own a Ferrari 360 Modena.
I am a foodie with a fondness for seafood.
I enjoy collecting music. Some of my favourites are Kishore Kumar, Mark Knopfler, MLTR.


1. Arjuna Award [1994]
2. Wisden Cricketer of the Year: [1997]
3. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna [1997-98]
4. Padma Shri [1999]
5. Player of the Tournament, World Cup [2003]
6. ICC Gary Sobers Trophy for Cricketer of The Year [2010]
7. ICC World ODI XI: 2004, 2007, 2008
8. ICC World Test XI: 2009, 2010
9. Rajiv Gandhi Award for Sports [2005]
10. Padma Vibhushan [2008]
11. Man of Match Awards: 74
ODIs: 61 times
Tests: 14 times
12. Man of the Series Awards: 19
    a. ODIs: 15
    b. Tests: 5


1.“AB, this little prick will make more runs than you.”—Merv Hughes to Allan Border. [1991]
2.“This kid bats just like I did” —Donald Bradman, World Greatest Batsman. Ever. [1998]
3.“I'll be going to bed having nightmares of Sachin just running down the wicket and belting me back over the head for six.He
is the best batsman I‟ve ever bowled to.” —Shane Warne, World‟s Greatest Leg Spinner.[1998]
4.“Shit, I‟m sick of this *$#%!” —Michael Kasprowicz, Australia‟s Fast Bowler. [1998]
5.“He will end up with 50 tons in each form of the game.” —Wasim Akram, World‟s Greatest Left-arm Pacer. [2002]
6.“Jaanta hai tooney kiska catch chhoda hai?” —Wasim Akram to Abdul Razzaq. [2003]
7.“All we need is 11 Sachins.”—Paul Strang, Zimbabwe Leg Spinner. [1996]
8.“Cricket is our religion, Sachin is our god.” —[Repeated ad nauseum by millions of fans].
9.“Nothing bad can happen to us if we‟re on a plane in India with Sachin Tendulkar on it.” —Hashim Amla, South Africa Batsman. [2004]
10.“The archives recall not one single incriminating incident, not one drunken escapade, not one reported affair, not one spat with a team-mate or re
porter. As Matthew Parris wondered of Barack Obama in these pages recently, is he human?” — Michael Atherton, Former England Captain. [2008]
11.“I have seen God; he bats at No. 4 for India.” —Matthew Hayden, Australia Opener. [2008]
12.“There will never be another Sachin.” —Muttiah Muralitharan,World‟s Most Successful Bowler. [2009]
13.“If I‟ve to bowl to Sachin, I‟ll bowl with my helmet on. He hits the ball so hard.” Dennis Lille, Cricket‟s McEnroe & Fast Bowling Legend. [Undated]
14.“Tendulkar is the best batsmen in the world ahead of Steve Waugh and Lara.” —Glenn McGrath,Australia‟s Most Successful Pace Bowler. [Undated]
15.“Sachin is a genius. I‟m a mere mortal.” —Brian Lara,Tendulkar‟s Greatest Frenemy. [Undated]
16.“I haven‟t seen Bradman playing, but I have seen Sachin. To me, he himself is a milestone, and the best cricketer in the world.” —Sourav Ganguly, India‟s most successful captain
17.“Sachin Tendulkar has been the most complete batsman of his time, and arguably the biggest cricket icon as well.”—Sambit Bal, Editor, Cricinfo


1.Sachin: The Story of the World's Greatest Batsman [by Gulu Ezekiel]
2.The A to Z of Sachin Tendulkar [by Gulu Ezekiel]
3.Sachin Tendulkar —A Definitive Biography [by Vaibhav Purandare]
4.Sachin Tendulkar —Masterful [by Peter Murray, Ashish Shukla]
5.Tendulkar Opus [by Opus Media Group]

 Are you kidding me?

Fluent in English, Hindi and Marathi.

Date of birth:April 24, 1973
Family:Wife Anjali, daughter Sara, son Arjun.

Approximately Rs 60 crore annually
(That‟s Rs 600,000,000 or USD 13 million or GBP 7.8 million or Euro 8.7 million). 
Sachin Tendulkar
Mumbai, December 21, 2010