Wednesday, December 22, 2010

repairing the world

A scientist lived locked in his laboratory, seeking answers to the problems of the world. 
One day, his seven year old son broke into her room, determined to help him. Impatient, the scientist asked him to go play somewhere else, but without success.
He then sought some object that could entertain the boy's curiosity, they soon found the world map printed on the page of a magazine. 
Cut out the map into several pieces, grabbed a roll of duct tape and handed it to his son, saying:
- Do you like puzzles? 
So I'll give you the world, all broken to fix. See if you can do everything right.
He calculated that the child would take days to restore the map. 
However, a few hours later, he heard the voice of the child:
- Father, father, I have done everything. I finished every little thing!
Incredulous, the scientist looked up from her notes, certain I would see a meaningless statement. But to his surprise, the map was complete, with everything in their proper places.
- You did not know what the world was my son. How did you get?
- Dad, I did not know how the world tried to fix but could not.
But when you took the role of the magazine to cut, I saw that on the other hand, had the figure of a man. Then I remembered that I turned the clippings and started to fix the man I knew how. When I managed to fix the man turned and saw the sheet that had repaired the world.

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