Thursday, December 23, 2010

a motorcycle...

Girl: Slow down. I'm scared.

Guy: No this is fun.

Girl: No its not. Please, its too scary!

Guy: Then tell me you love me.

Girl: Fine, I love you. Slow down!

Guy: Now give me a BIG hug.

Girl hugs him

Guy: Can you take my helmet off & put
it on yourself ? Its
bugging me.

In the Newz paper the next day :( A motorcycle had crashed
building because of brake failure. Two people were on
only one had survived.
The truth was that halfway down
the road, the guy realized
his brakes were broken, but he didn't want to let the
Instead, he had her say she loved him & felt her hug him
time, then had her wear his helmet so that she would
though it meant that he
would die..............

most touching lines by a boyfrnd

Amezing nd most touching lines by a boyfrnd whose girlfrnd was marrying sum1 else-
aaj dulhan k laal jode main use uski sakhiyon ne sajaya hoga
meri jaan k haathon ko mehndi se sajaya hoga..

bahot gehra chadha hoga mehndi ka rang,
us mahendi mein usne mera naam chupaya hoga...

reh reh k ro padi hogi,jb us
ko mera khayal aaya hoga..
khud ko dekha hoga jab aaine mein,to akks mera bhi nazar aaya hoga..

bahot pyari lag rahi hogi vo, aaj dekh kar use chand bhi sharmaya hoga..

aaj mere pyar ne apne maa baap ki izzat ko bachaya hoga..
usne beti hone ka har farz nibhaya hoga

majbur hogi vo sabse zyada, sochta hun kis tarah usne khud ko samhala hoga..
apne hathon se hamare khaton ko jalaya hoga..
khud ko mazbut bana kar meri yadon ko mitaya hoga..

bhukhi hogi wo janta hun main, mere bina usne kuch na khaya hoga ..
kaise sambhala hoga khud ko,jab usne feron main khud ko jalaya hoga..!!:)

try to wipe you out the memory banks

I try to wipe you out the memory banks of my mind, as if you don’t even exist; but as much as I attempt to do so I fail.
Memories of you are ever where.
Half of me dislike you for putting through so much hell.
The other half can’t tolerate to be alone and I rather have you to return home.
I am not going to deny that my feelings for you are still alive…
and your absence has made them stronger than ever.
When are you going to realize that we belong together?
It has been extremely difficult to go to asleep at night without having you by my side.
I am man enough to admit that I am going through withdraw symptoms.

I am miserable …
this is the reason why I cry.
I know that some where in your heart you feel the same for me.
Just look a little deeper… past the anger, hurts and sorrows and then you will see that you still do love me.

Lσvє iร รσмєтнiиg wє αяє αll iи αт lєαรт σиє тiмє

Wнєи yσυ lσvє รσмєσиє yσυ иσт σиly cαяє
αbσυт тнєм bυт αlรσ αbσυт тнєiя wєll bєiиg
тσ bє iи lσvє мєαиร тσ cαяє αbσυт yσυя lσvєя
รσ dєєρly тнαт yσυя lifє iร iиcσмρlєтє wiтнσυт iт
Wнєи тнєy αяє нυят yσυ fєєl нυят
wнєи тнєy αяє iи ραiи yσυ fєєl ραiи αlรσ
тяυє Lσvє иєvєя diєร iт'ร αlivє iи тнє нєαят
Sσ αll тнє ρєσρlє wнσ bєliєvє iи lσvє
&αll thosє who hαvє lovєd soмєoиє ιи thιєя lιƒє
αяє iиviтєd тσ jσiи тнiร cσммυиiтy
Fєєl fяєє тσ รнαяє yσυя єxρєяiєиcєร viєwร
αbσυт lσve&αlรσ αbσυт yσυя fiяรт lσvє
Lσvє iร иσт αlwαyร єαรy ιsи't ιt?

foR thOsE whO LovEd n LosT aNd sTIll WaiTing 4 hiM/Her

Awesome lines..!

"Im proud of my heart.. U know y ?

It played, loved, burned & broken but somehow still works"'
Sad lines by Broken heart:

Sometimes I feel that waiting 4 u in my life

Is like waiting for bus at a railway station...
Nice line:
"The heart is d only broken machine dat works witout any repairing for years"
Keep it happy alwayz whether it is urs or others.
Ye"Raah AkeLe Kaati He Yaha
Sath"na Koi Yaar ChaLe

Us_PaaR Na Jane Kya PayenGe

Is"PaaR To Sab Kuch HaaR ChaLe.
Words by broken heart:-
please do not turn back and face me one more time.. Bcoz,..

I don't have one more heart to lose with ur smile...!!

"my presence may hurt someone...

i hope dat my absence may never hurt anyone."
Fantastic Lines By A Girl:"I Want to Love Someone Whose Heart Has Been Broken,
So That He Knows Xactly How it Feels &Would Nt Break Mine.''
ts amazing how someone
can break your heart
But yet you still love them
with every broken piece
Touchy lines by a Broken Heart:
"I wud have Died happily if u had Killed me frm BEHIND rather dan LUVING sum1 else in FRONT of Me.."
Someone very close Can easily Break our Heart..Bt Its Amazing wen v Stil Lve dem Wit Evry Broken Piece.Dats d nature of True frndshp.
You Give whole heart 2ur lover, they will break it.. if you gave your broken heart to a friend they will make it
If u broke anyone''s heart, One day ur own heart will break by someone.. Then u know the pain of broken heart!.

See How Papers Are Checked..awww.... DIS S SOO ENLIGHTENING...!!! :P

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