Thursday, December 23, 2010

try to wipe you out the memory banks

I try to wipe you out the memory banks of my mind, as if you don’t even exist; but as much as I attempt to do so I fail.
Memories of you are ever where.
Half of me dislike you for putting through so much hell.
The other half can’t tolerate to be alone and I rather have you to return home.
I am not going to deny that my feelings for you are still alive…
and your absence has made them stronger than ever.
When are you going to realize that we belong together?
It has been extremely difficult to go to asleep at night without having you by my side.
I am man enough to admit that I am going through withdraw symptoms.

I am miserable …
this is the reason why I cry.
I know that some where in your heart you feel the same for me.
Just look a little deeper… past the anger, hurts and sorrows and then you will see that you still do love me.