Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Delhi Daredevils v/s Kolkata Knight Riders (IPL5)

Today, May 22, 2012
Qualifier 1, Pune
DD vs KKR 8:00pm IST

Sehwag v/s Gambhir
Irfan v/s Yusuf
Morkel v/s Narine

None of both have made to finals. Which team will make it first?

Which Team R U Supporting Today ?

GTU changed Grading System

Now final credential for pass-out students of Gujarat Technological University will be count based on their score of last 3/4 semesters. This will help to get better placements for students of GTU.

GOOGLE is not a GIRL!!..

Google is not a Girl.. Get it all of you..

Yahoo Message Scam

This is a spam message which you might find in your emails. If you see a message in your email saying "Congratulations" and when open you will see a download file. (DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE FILE!) This file is a treat to get you to revel your personal information.If you do this means that your identity and real life info will be given to hackers and wicked individuals (BE CAREFUL!)


NEVER REVEAL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANY UNKNOWN MESSAGES ON THE WEB!. this message was sent to a few people i know including me! so please people this a safety tip, BE CAREFUL ON THE WEB!

The download file from your email looks like this:

Celibrity look alikes (funny)

Celebrity Look Alikes
Celibrity look alikes (funny)