Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MCQ CSE Timothy J Williams Free Ebook

Key features:

Excellent coverage of basic topics such as programming in C and informatics organization. Inclusion of new chapters on Java. More than 2000 Multiple Choice Questions fully equip the student to the gate and other tests. The solution to all questions, with about 650 responses explained below. Question Paper GATE 2007 with the solution is included at the end of the book.


Chapter 1. Programming with C
Chapter 2. Unix
Chapter 3. Principles of Programming Languages
Chapter 4. Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
Chapter 5. Operating Systems
Chapter 6. Automata Theory
Chapter 7. Principles of Compiler Design
Chapter 8. Computer Organization
Chapter 9. Data Structures
Chapter 10. Computer Graphics
Chapter 11. System Software
Chapter 12. Database Management Systems
Chapter 13. Object Oriented Programming Using C++
Chapter 14. Computer Networks
Chapter 15. Software Engineering
Chapter 16. SQL*PLUS, SQL, PL/SQL, Forms and Reports
Chapter 17. Programming with Java
Appendix: GATE-2007 CS: Computer Science and Engineering and Solutions

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MCQ ECE R K Kanodia Free Ebook

Salient Features

  • The book is categorized into units and each unit is further sub-divided into chapters
  • The questions are standardized to the level of GATE examination
  • Solutions are well-explained, tricky and consume less time. Solutions are presented in such a way that it enhances you fundamentals and problem solving skills
  • There are a variety of problems on each topic
  • Engineering  Mathematics is also included in the book

Table of Contents

1.1 Basic concepts
1.2 Graph Theory
1.3 Methods of Analysis
1.4 Circuit Theorems
1.5 Basic RL and RC Circuits
1.6 The RLC Circuit
1.7 Sinusoidal Steady State Analysis
1.8 Circuit Analysis in the S-Domain
1.9 Magnetically Coupled Circuits
1.10 Two-Port Network
1.11 Frequency Response

2.1 Semi Conductor Physics
2.2 The pn Junction
2.3 The Bipolar Junction Transistor
2.4 The Field Effect Transistor
2.5 Integrated Circuit

3.1 Diode Circuits
3.2 BJT Biasing
3.3 BJT Amplifiers
3.4 FET Biasing
3.5 FET Amplifiers
3.6 Op - amp characteristics and basic circuits
3.7 Op - Amp Applications

4.1 Number System & Boolean Algebra
4.2 Combinational Logic Circuits
4.3 Sequential Logic Circuit
4.4 Digital Logic Families
4.5 Digital Systems
4.6 Microprocessor

5.1 Continuous
5.2 Time Signals
5.3 Discrete-Time Signal
5.4 Discrete-Time System
5.5 The Laplace Transform
5.6 The Z-transform
5.7 The Continuous- Time fourier Transform
5.8 The Discrete - Time Fourier Transform
5.9 The Continuous -Time Fourier Series
5.10 The Discrete -Time Fourier Series
5.11 Sampling and DFT

6.1 Transfer Functions
6.2 Stability
6.4 The Root-Locus Techniques
6.5 Frequency Domain Analysis
6.6 Design of Control System
6.7 State variable Analysis

7.1 Random Variable
7.2 Random Process
7.3 Noise
7.4 Amplitude Modulation
7.5 Angle Modulation
7.6 Digital Transmission
7.7 Information Theory & Coding
7.8 Spread Spectrum

8.1 Vector Analysis
8.2 Electrostatic
8.3 Magnetostatics
8.4 Maxwells Equations
8.5 Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
8.6 Transmission Lines
8.7 Wave Guides
8.8 Antennas

9.1 Linear Algebra
9.2 Differential Calculus
9.3 Integral Calculus
9.4 Differential Equation
9.5 Complex Variable
9.6 Probability & Statistics
9.7 Numerical Methods

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