Friday, July 20, 2012

we keep walking on long path all our life

we keep walking on long path oll our life .. road of life never has ending till we die .. our journey became too long that we don't realize whats goona happen in our next turn .. whom we gonna get whom we lose .. but we keep walking in search of something .. something that has is valuable for us something that is non valuable .. something we always needed something which was not for us but we got ... all this makes LIFE ♥ but no 1 is thankful that they have one thing thats a gift of GOD ♥ SAI .. thats a power to SMILE :) ♥ in every situation on every path .. feeling SAI GOD'S power ♥ .. and in HOPE to achieve your DESIRE and all you DESERVE one day will be ur .. on this long path long journey all u need is FAITH ♥ PATIENCE ♥ HARDWORK ♥ INEER POWER & PEACE .. TRUST SAI ♥ he is blessing US .. om sai