Saturday, June 9, 2012

GateForum offers flat Rs. 2000/- discount

GateForum is the India's leading institution for GATE coaching since previous years. GateForum has it's branches in all over India at many multiple places for all M.Tech. branches including C.S., I.T., C.E., E.C., M.E., I.C. etc. GateForum has produced many toppers and has maintained it's success by producing toppers every year.

Due to high interest and rush of students GateForum Gujarat has launched a special offer for convenience of new students who wants to join but have not registered themselves yet. GateForum Gujarat is offering flat 2000 INR discount.

It is a Gold Card scheme. In this scheme the new applicant has to submit this Gold Card at the time of your registration, and you will get 2000 rs. off by submitting this card.

This offer from is valid till 25th June 2012.

To get this gold card you can contact me on:-

This card can be redeemed at any of the addresses mentioned below:
208, Himalaya Arcade A,
Opp Vastrapur Lake,
Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.

2nd Floor, Vinay Kala Kendra,
10-A, Rangyogi Park Society,
Nr. Akota Football Ground,
Productivity Road, Vadodara-20.

3rd Floor, Gayatri Complex,
Opp Parimal School,
Kalawad, Rajkot.

How to know someone is/was unemployed or has/had no work in office?

How to know someone is/was unemployed or has/had no work in office?

1990s: Always found on AOL messenger.
2000-2005: busy forwarding messages every 15 mins.
2005-2007: Busy with My Space.
2006-2009: Busy commenting and liking on Facebook.
2008-2010: Busy tweeting all day.
2010-2011: Busy blogging.
2012: Busy Liking and Sharing "9GAG" and other meme and rage comics.

PS: 2007 and 2008 were overlapped.