Thursday, May 19, 2011

She Wants to Know What Love Is

She wants to know what love is
As their evening starts
Discussions aplenty
Straight from their heart

She wants to know what love is
As they sit holding hands
Laughing and enjoying
Two in understand

She wants to know what love is  
As their evening progresses
Where a glass of wine is shared
Their conversation caresses

She wants to know what love is
As their song is played
Where their delight is revealed
Their holding, displayed

She wants to know what love is
As their lips touch
Their hands in adventure
Let them roam as such

She wants to know what love is
In tender undress
Flesh to flesh
Chest to breasts

She wants to know what love is
Her inner flow
To share and join
In bonding glow

She wants to know what love is
All through the night
To be in his arms
Cuddled and right

She wants to know what love is
As she awakes the next day
Still clenched as they spoon
Their loving, says...

Free Facebook without Internet / SMS on Airtel

Access your Facebook account through a USSD channel on Airtel.
There are NO data charges or SMS charges.
USSD can be used on all types of phones, ranging from the simplest phones to the smartest of phones.

You don't have to download the app. Just dial *325#


1> Dial *325# (or *fbk#) from your Airtel no.

2> It will show you a message:
Welcome to facebook by fonetwish. Your request has been accepted. We will send you menu shortly. Please exit this message.
3> If you are using this for the first time, then it will ask for your username and password.
If you have already logged in it will display you menu.

4> Menu
Welcome to Facebook
1 News Feed
2 Update Status (free)
3 Post on Wall
4 Friend Request
5 Notifications
* Account Setting
5> You can update your status for free (option 2).

6> If you select any of the option from 1,3,4,5; the following message will be displayed:
You will be charged Rs.1 every day for entire service.
1 subscribe
# home
7> To log out from your account go to Account Setting by replying *
1 Logout
# Home

~> Developer name: U2opia Mobile [Facebook by Fonetwish]

Other apps by developer:

U2opia leverages the power of the internet to help distribute mobile content to every mobile consumer with its unique offering.fonedoo (phone- doo.), is a pioneering effort that indexes , organize and create an Mcommerce store front for all kind of mobile offerings from music to video, from apps to value packs . fonedoo provides a platform for customers to discover, experience and purchase mobile services conveniently and at their own leisure.

fonebuy  is a micropayments platform for virtual goods. The virtual goods space is booming internationally and with strong growth in gaming and social networking in Asia, there is an opportunity for carriers and retailers to share a piece of the pie. We help our publisher partners around the world, to sell their virtual goods credits by allowing their users to pay for it through their mobile phone or over the counter. This is a hot new medium of choice in markets with low credit card penetration.