Tuesday, May 28, 2013

ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Live Streaming

ICC [International Cricket Council] started Champions Trophy in 1998. Champions Trophy is an ODI [One Day International] format tournament. It was launched as a complementary tournament to Cricket World Cup which occurs every 4 years and Champions Trophy was to occur every 2 years. From 1998 to 2013 we had 6 Champions Trophy and this year it is 7th time this tournament is going to be played. But unfortunately this is the last Champions Trophy. In fact we are lucky to have it this time too because it might have been terminated in 2009 only. The reason is that ICC planned a Test Championship in 2009 and was about to launch it from 2013 but due to financial issues they postponed it to 2017 so we are having the last Champions Trophy in 2013. The reason for terminating the Champions Trophy is that ICC has rule of only one trophy per format so as we already have Cricket World Cup, Champions Trophy is likely to terminated against it. So from 2013 we are likely to have world cup like tournaments for all three formats of the game. Now for the Indians fans the questions is that can India win this last Champions Trophy which is scheduled from 6th to 23rd June and be on top of the ICC ODI Ratings in absence of Sachin, Sehwag, Gambhir and Yuvraj, well hope for the best.

Online Free Live Streaming Links:
  1. www.fancylive.com/cricket-live.php‎
  2. http://www.tsmplug.com/cricket/icc-champions-trophy-live-stream/
  3. tv2.hdcric.info/
  4. www.crictimes.in/2013/05/icc-champions-trophy-2013-live-stream.html‎
  5. mcxcontrol.com/watch-live-icc-champions-trophy/
  6. hdcric2013.blogspot.com/2013/05/icc-champions-trophy-2013-live.html
  7. http://www.crictime.com/
  8. http://www.webcric.com/
  9. http://livecricket.bollym4u.com/
  10. http://t20-cricketlivestreaming.blogspot.in/
  11. http://thecrictv.com/
  12. http://www.starsports.com/cricket/video/index.html?v=1265985 

Devharsh Trivedi

ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Teams

Here is the list of teams participating in ICC Champions Trophy 2013 and their current Reliance ICC ODI Ranking information. The top 8 teams in the rankings are qualified to play champions trophy.

4South Africa262940113
5Sri Lanka414446108
7West Indies33282386
8New Zealand26212482

ICC Champions Trophy Statastics

Table 1: Best Bowling Figures

Table 2: Highest Run Scorers

Table 3: Best Individual Scores

Table 4: Highest Wicket Takers

Table 5: List of Winners

ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Schedule

Date IST GMT Match Details Venue
Jun-06 10:30 09:30 1st ODI Group B : India vs South Africa Cardiff
Jun-07 10:30 09:30 2nd ODI Group B : Pakistan vs West Indies London
Jun-08 10:30 09:30 3rd ODI Group A : England vs Australia Birmingham
Jun-09 10:30 09:30 4th ODI Group A : New Zealand vs Sri Lanka Cardiff
Jun-10 13:00 12:00 5th ODI Group B : Pakistan vs South Africa Birmingham
Jun-11 10:30 09:30 6th ODI Group B : India vs West Indies London
Jun-12 10:30 09:30 7th ODI Group A : Australia vs New Zealand Birmingham
Jun-13 13:00 12:00 8th ODI Group A : England vs Sri Lanka London
Jun-14 10:30 09:30 9th ODI Group B : South Africa vs West Indies Cardiff
Jun-15 10:30 09:30 10th ODI Group B : India vs Pakistan Birmingham
Jun-16 10:30 09:30 11th ODI Group A : England vs New Zealand Cardiff
Jun-17 13:00 12:00 12th ODI Group A : Australia vs Sri Lanka London
Jun-19 10:30 09:30 1st Semi Final ODI TBC vs TBC London
Jun-20 10:30 09:30 2nd Semi Final ODI TBC vs TBC Cardiff
Jun-23 10:30 09:30 Final ODI TBC vs TBC Birmingham

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