Friday, June 23, 2017

Buy best handmade soaps from USA

Worried about your skin health? Worry no more! Ditch those factory produced soaps often containing harmful chemicals. Switch to organic handmade soaps instead. Organic soap contains ingredients that are not, and have not been produced with, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides. Non-organic soaps usually do not contain glycerin (a moisturizing agent). Unfortunately, many people wait until itchy, dry skin is a problem before making the switch to natural soap.

OK! but where to buy genuine organics soaps from? Worry not, we have a answer for that. Switch to "The Soap Guy". For more information visit their website: or To order call 312 320 5862 or send email at

The Soap Guy provides you a reason why to buy soaps from them? It goes like this

"Organic shea butter is now in every bar of soap! Our soap is made from a completely unique formula that has been developed over many years with important feedback from our customers. It is the way it is because of you, thank you. Our process for large quantity soap making is unique. The ingredients we use are completely earth friendly. We eliminated all palm oil from our products when we saw the utter devastation caused by palm oil plantations in Southeast Asia. The Greenpeace website has some great info about this."


-> Their products are made wholly in USA.
-> They also do shipping outside USA.
-> They have more over 100 different fragrances.
-> They take custom party orders too.
-> Moreover they provide 30 days return policy.


Go visit now and make your first purchase. Happy soaping! :)