Friday, February 1, 2013

Graeme Smith captains his 100th test

February 1, 2013 will be a red letter day in the annals of Test cricket, South African cricket and more importantly in Graeme Smith's Test career. On his 32nd birthday, Smith will lead South Africa out for the 99th time when the first test gets under way at the Wanderers, having also captained a World XI in a test against Australia in 2005.
Matches Win Lose Draw Win %
99 47 26 26 47.47

Valentine Girls : Can I Be Your Valentine

Valentine Girls : Can I Be Your Valentine

Everyday we act as though we are just good friends.
It is though we are seeing through a different lens.
But I wish we could be more.
Because crying makes me feel poor.
Poor of love, as though nobody loves me.
If you look it isn't that hard to see.

Can't we be more than just good friends?
Can't we look through the same lens?
Can you picture us together?
Can I be the certain her?
The her you're always talking about.
The one you say you can't live without.

I know what I ask is a little much.
I just want us to be able to touch.
Hold each other and never let go.
But if I ask will the answer be no?
Either way I have to take a chance.
May our hearts have one dance?


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Just For Today

Just for this morning I won't wash cloths, instead we will watch your favorite cartoon.
Just for this morning I won't wash dishes, instead we will color together.
Just for this afternoon I won't watch my soaps; instead we will go to the park and feed the ducks.
Just for this afternoon you and I will snuggle up on the couch and watch a favorite movie and eat popcorn.
Just for tonight I will let you help me fix dinner and I won't yell at you for making a mess.
Just for tonight I won't yell when you splash water all over the bathroom floor.
Just for tonight when I tuck you into bed and we snuggle together to read your favorite story I will hold you a little tighter and a little longer and Thank God for giving you to me.

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A Thought True To You

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And I love you

Your smile is amazing
Your beauty so true
Your eyes shine like stars
They will see our love through

You're a gift from the angels
They made you in heaven
The girl that I dreamt about
Since I was eleven

You came in to my life
And you turned it upside down
You're an absolute princess
Worthy of more then a crown

I promise you everything
Everything I have to give
I promise to love you
As long as I live

You're my absolute world
You mean everything to me
You're perfect
And you always shall be

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My First, My Last , My Valentine...

I've never imagined that there can be this day.
A day that love will find its way.
Out of my heart and into your soul.
These feelings I have are beyond my control.

All my life I have waited patiently.
For a goddess like you, so beautiful, so lovely.
Words can't express the way I feel.
These feelings towards you are all for real.

You are the reason why I go on.
Eternity can't separate this special bond.
This heart of mine is reserved for you.
Forever it is yours, this love is true.

I'll be your first and you'll be my last.
My world, my everything, till my time has past.
I will always love you until the end of time.

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Girl of My Dreams

Got the girl of my dreams, my ride or die boo.
For her love, there ain’t nothing I won’t do.
And when I’m on the block makin that money all night
Every hour my baby’s callin, makin sure I’m aight.
There’s something about her that makes me believe
I can be more than what most people see.
She gives me courage and holds tight through the strife.
Damn girl, I wanna make you my wife.