Saturday, February 11, 2012

You Are Nothing Infront of Engineer

2 comp engineer were chatting in a
pub after work..!!
The 1st comp engineer : Yesterday, I
met this gorgeous blonde girl in a
"What did u do?" says the other comp
"Well, I invited her over to my place,
We had 2 drinks,
We got into the mood & then she
suddenly asked me 2 make her feel
special ;)"
"You are kidding dude :/" says the 2nd
comp engineer.
"I then lifted her & put her on my desk
next to my new laptop
"Really? You got a new laptop? What
"Its a i7 processor, 64 bit Win7 , 8 GB

Rose Flower Meanings based on Color

Color of Roses Rose Color Meaning
Valentine Rose Red Roses: A red rose is an unmistakable expression of love. Red roses convey deep emotions - be it love, longing or desire. Red Roses can also be used to convey respect, admiration or devotion. A deep red rose can be used to convey heartfelt regret and sorrow. The number of red roses has special romantic meanings associated with them. 12 red roses is the most popular of all which conveys "Be mine" and "I love you"
Rose Flower Meanings-2 White Roses: White is the color of purity, chastity and innocence. White flowers are generally associated with new beginnings and make an ideal accompaniment to a first-time bride walking down the aisle. White flowers can be used to convey sympathy or humility. They also are indicative of spirituality. Hence, white roses also follow suit.
Rose Flower Meanings-4 Yellow Roses: Yellow roses are an expression of exuberance. Yellow roses evoke sunny feelings of joy, warmth and welcome. They are symbols of friendship and caring. The yellow rose, like the other roses, does not carry an undertone of romance. It indicates purely platonic emotions.
Rose Flower Meanings-16 Pink Roses: There are a lot of variations of the pink rose. Over all, pink roses are used to convey gentle emotions such as admiration, joy and gratitude. Light pink rose blooms are indicative of sweetness and innocence. Deep pink rose blooms convey deep gratitude and appreciation. Pink roses also connote elegance and grace.
Rose Flower Meanings-15 Orange Roses: While a yellow rose reminds us of the sun, an orange rose reminds us of a fiery blaze. These fiery blooms signify passion and energy. Orange roses can be used to express intense desire, pride and fervor. They also convey a sense of fascination. These flowers rival only the red roses as messengers of passion in romance.
Rose Flower Meanings-14 Lavender Roses: A Lavender rose like its color conveys enchantment. It also expresses "love at first sight". Darker shades of lavender roses (close to purple) convey a sense of regal majesty and splendor. These roses are used to express fascination and adoration.
Rose Flower Meanings-28 Blue Roses: A perfectly blue rose is still elusive like the perfectly black rose. Blue roses cannot be achieved naturally so they represent the unattainable or the mysterious. Blue roses therefore embody the desire for the unattainable. They say "I can't have you but I can't stop thinking about you"
green-roses Green roses: Green is the color of harmony, of opulence, of fertility. It is also a color indicative of peace and tranquility. Green roses (these are off-white roses with shades of green) can symbolize best wishes for a prosperous new life or wishes for recovery of good health
Rose Flower Meanings-27 Black Roses: Black is the color of death and farewell. A black rose, like the blue rose remains elusive. What we know as black roses are actually really dark red roses. Black roses convey the death of a feeling or idea. Sending black roses to someone indicates the death of the relationship.
mixed-roses Mixed Roses: By mixing rose blooms of different colors purposefully, you can create a bouquet of emotions. For example, a bouquet of red and white roses would mean I love you intensely and my intentions are honorable. A random mix of roses would convey mixed feelings or send a message: "I don't know what my feelings are yet but I sure do like you enough to send you roses."



Its Capacity is of 824 vehicles... and is situated in south Delhi's Sarojini Nagar Market!

Constructed at an estimated cost of Rs.80 crore, the car park in South Square mall has been designed by the New Delhi Municipal Council and builders DLF in the pubic-private-partnership mode.

Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath and Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit inaugurated the parking lot, which is said to be India's first and largest automated multilevel parking facility.

A car owner will have to pay Rs.10 per hour for using the facility. The ground and the first floors of the eight storey complex will have retail outlets and restaurants. The rest would be dedicated for parking!

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"WHEN A LIZARD CAN, WHY CAN'T WE?"( Must Read Story)

This is a TRUE STORY that happened in Japan .

In order to renovate the house, someone in Japan breaks open the wall.

Japanese houses normally have a hollow space between the wooden walls.

When tearing down the walls, he found that there was a lizard stuck there
because a nail from outside hammered into one of its feet.

He sees this, feels pity, and at the same time curious, as when he checked
the nail, it was nailed 10 years ago when the house was first built.

What happened?...............................!!!

The lizard has survived in such position for 10 years !

In a dark wall partition for 10 years without moving, it is impossible and

Then he wondered how this lizard survived for 10 years!!! Without moving a
single step - since its foot was nailed !

So he stopped his work and observed the lizard, what it has been doing, and
what and how it has been eating.

Later, not knowing from where it came appears another lizard, with food in
its mouth.

Ah! He was stunned and touched deeply.

For the lizard That was stuck by nail, another lizard has been feeding it
for the past 10 years...

Imagine ! it has been doing that untiringly for 10 long years, without
giving up hope on its partner.

Think. Would you do that for Your PARTNER ?

Think. Would you do it for Your MOTHER who brought you after a big struggle
of nine long months ?

Imagine what a small creature can do that a creature blessed with a
brilliant mind can't.

As information and communication technology advances, our access to
information becomes faster and faster. But the Distance between human
beings . . . is it getting closer as well ?

Never Say YOU Are Busy When They Really Need You" ....:)

"You May Have The Entire World At Your Feet.....
But You Might Be The Only World To Them"....:)

A Moment of Negligence might break the very Heart which loves you through all

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Happy Promise Day

I promise you my life
I promise we’ll never be apart
I promise not to hurt you
I promise to never make you
I promise to always trust you
I promise not to lie
I promise you forever
I promise you tonight
I promise you my respect
I promise to do things right
I promise to always be there
I promise until the end
I promise to always love you
i promise to be your best friend
I promise you my love
I promise you my life
I promise this forever
I promise our friendship is my life

your the PEANUT to my BUTTER
your the STAR to my BURST
your the T to my T
your the POP to my TART
your the MILKY to my WAY
your the FRUIT to my LOOP
your the MILK to my DUDS
your the LUCKY to my CHARMS
your the ICE to my CREAM
but mostly….
your the BEST to my frend

Happy Promise Day...♥♥♥

why do boys need a friend who is a girl?

10 reasons why boys needs a  friend who is a girl.... 

>will never leave u alone when you're sad..
>will see to it that u do ur works on time..
>will make sure u don't skip meals to play matches and do work..
>will ask u to leave ur bad habits everyday, everytime..
>will fight with u on small matters bt won't keep theanger for long..
>will make u money- wise..
>will say-don't worry, even if there's lot to worry or nothing to worry..
>will make u punctual..
>will help u restrain ur anger..
>wil talk to you 15times a day to know what you're doing..

You might feel buggd at times bt truth is that you can't do anything widout her...
as grlz r special gift of god to boyz, realise their worth and take care of them..:)..

dedicated to all girls and boys who share the love and friendship..♥♥♥