Thursday, August 2, 2012

‎4 grenade attacks in 24 hours

4 grenade attacks in 24 hours

India allows FDI from Pakistan
India on Wednesday overturned its ban on foreign investment from Pakistan in a move designed to build goodwill amid a renewed push for a peace settlement..

which was welcomed with 4 grenade attacks in 24 hours over CRPF
picket manned by 154th battalion personnel of CRPF at Byepass Bridge in valley by suspected porky militants..

in another attempt IED was placed in an abandoned car after the recovery in the same area .. 14 people including 10 civilians were injured in two grenade attacks in Sopore and Batamaloo areas of the Srinagar.

Mr. Ramprasad B M

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Name : Mr. Ramprasad B M
Age :64 years
Work History : served Mico ( now Bosch) company for 39 years , was the assistant finance manager in the finance department of the company. Now retired from job.
CURRENTLY : You will find him controlling and managing traffic at the 5th main cross road of the AREKERE LAYOUT near Bannergatta Road Bangalore.

He does this every day from morning 6 am to 10 am and evening 5:30 pm till 7:30 pm.
He is not employed as a traffic police officer by the government. He does this as a voluntary service to society last 5 years. He does this work every day without fail in all seasons for the society. He lives in 9th cross main road but he come from there every day morning to control the traffic and avoid jam.

We are happy and grateful for the service he does to the society - selflessly, without getting paid that too for last 5 years with a discipline of managing traffic everyday from 6 am. He stands constantly everyday and breathes the dust and pollution.
When we asked him " don't your legs pain? don't you feel exhausted and thirsty after constantly blowing the whistle? don't you get bored of doing this again and again everyday and that too for free ( i mean you are not even paid for it plus the people hardly bother to thank you for your service to the society). ?

He replied i do it because someone has to do it. My legs do pain, I do get breathing problem but if i don't do then here it would be a huge traffic jam and road block. People wont reach office on time. I have done this last 5 years and no one cared. I can continue doing it till i am alive without bothering for people to care for my service. I hope the crossroad finds someone after me to manage the traffic."