Sunday, February 12, 2012

New singham for GTU

New singham for GTU-
Detain karega ..
Detain karega ..
To kar na ..
Ghar jaunga,
Padhai karunga,
Aur apni ATKT Solve karunga...
Meri mehnat aur padhai km hai,
Isliye meri ATKT Mein dum hain....
jiski ATKT me he dum to vo hai fkt "BAJIRAO SINGHAM"..
atta mazi satkel..

DAA eBook

Algorithm design is a specific method to create a mathematical process in solving problems.

Mathematics for Algorithmic

    Functions and Relations
    Vectors and Matrices
    Linear Inequalities and Linear Equations

Greedy Algorithms

    Knapsack Problem
        O-I Knapsack
        Fractional Knapsack
    Activity Selection Problem
    Huffman's Codes
    Minimum Spanning Tree
    Kruskal's Algorithm
    Prim's Algorithm
    Dijkstra's Algorithm

Divide & Conquer Algorithms
Dynamic Programming

    Matrix-chain Multiplication
    Knapsack Problem DP Solution
    Activity Selection Problem DP Solution

Amortized Analysis

    Aggregate Method
    Accounting Method
    Potential Method
    Dynamic Table

Hash Table
Binary Search Tree
Graph Algorithms

    Breadth First Search (BFS)
    Depth First Search (DFS)
    Topological Sort
    Strongly Connected Components
    Euler Tour
    Generic Minimum Spanning Tree
    Kruskal's Algorithm
    Prim's Algorithm
    Single Source Shortest Path
        Dijkstra's Algorithm
        Bellman-Ford Algorithm

String Matching

    Naïve String Matching
    Knuth-Morris-Pratt Algorithm
    Boyer-Moore Algorithm


    Bubble Sort
    Insertion Sort
    Selection Sort
    Shell Sort
    Heap Sort
    Merge Sort
    Quick Sort

Linear-Time Sorting

    Counting Sort
    Radix Sort
    Bucket Sort

Computational Geometry
Computational Complexity

    Information-Theoretic Argument
    Adversary Argument
    NP-Completeness And Reduction

Approximate Algorithms

    Vertex Cover
    The Traveling Salesman Problem

Linear Programming

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Write a program which checks whether the string is valid or not using LL(1) parser for following grammar. (Top Down Predictive Parser)

Write a program which checks the validity of the input string as per given transition table.

Write a program which implements copy command of an Operating System.