Saturday, May 14, 2011

friendship quotes 2

Facebook = Spambook

WOT is so confusing - II

Google Music Search

Bollywood music is innate part of our life both online and offline. That’s why, every day, millions of users in India use Google to search for their favorite Bollywood songs - latest or classic. Users not only search for songs but also spend quite a bit of time to explore and discover new music on Internet. However this search and exploration has never been an easy thing.

Google starting a trial to help you search and explore music across thousands of Hindi Bollywood songs at
Google Music Search (India) Labs ( Besides this, when you enter any music-related query (such as the name of a song, artist or album) at Google Search — your search results will provide you a single click access to your songs. You can stream these songs unlimited number of times on your computer.

This is a Indian version (see above) of Google Music inspired by US version (see below):


No. of FRIENDS indicates the Sweetness of the person,

No. of ENEMIES indicates the Success!!..


Every girl has a B.F.
but Every boy doesn't have a G.F.
Every Picture has a URL
but Every URL don't have a Pic!!.. 


Ladkiya hame nafrat karti hai,
kyuki hum unhe ghaas nahi dalte!
Ladke hame nafrat karte hai,
kyuki wo hamse jalte hai!!..


If FRIENDSHIP is a Religion..

Then you are my GOD!!..

I am still ALIVE..
GOD is afraid to have me BACK!!..