Saturday, May 14, 2011

Facebook = Spambook

Whoa!!!!... A new Spam attack on facebook again!!!!... Facebook is getting a new spam everyday.. I strongly feel that FACEBOOK should be renamed as SPAMBOOK.. If facebook will not do anything than users will get back to Orkut / Twitter / MySpace / LinkedIn / Ibibo or any other social network..
I am posting this because now I am frustrated by this spam and don't want it to get spread so making you aware.. It states as follow:
"OMG! Its unbeliveable now you can get to know who views your facebook profile.. i can see my top profile visitors and i am so shocked that my EX is still creeping my profile every hour"
It will not only Spam your friends' wall.. but also your profile.. It will Auto Join 3 applications and 2 pages.. and their posts will spam your wall later on.. Check out photo #3..


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