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Know Your "Bhishma"

Know Your "Bhishma"

T-90 Bhishma
Crew: 3
Ground Pressure: 0.87 kg/cm2
Engine: Powered by a 1,000 hp V-92S2 four-stroke V-12 diesel engine with a power-to-weight ratio of 21.5 hp/ton
Fuel Capacity: 1600 litres
Maximum Speed: On Road; 65 km/h, Cross-Country; 45 km/h
Vertical Obstacle: 0.85 metres
Armament: 1 x 125mm 2A46M smoothbore gun with 43 rounds, 1 x 12.7mm NSVT anti-aircraft gun with 300 rounds, 1 x 7.62mm PKT co-axial machine gun with 2000 rounds, 1 x 5.45mm AKS-74 rifle, carried on storage rack, with 300 rounds
The 12.7mm NSVT, mounted on the commander's contra-rotating copula which can be aimed and fired under complete armour protection, uses the PZU-7 machine gun sight and the 1ETs29 (with vertical stabilisation) machine gun FCS (Fire Control System)

Stats About Rahul Dravid You Won't Find

***15 most WOWsome ASTONISHING FACTS and Stats About Rahul Dravid You Won't Find in Newspapers***

In 286 Test innings,Dravid played 31,258 balls. More than anyone else, ever.

He scored runs in tough batting conditions and in overseas Tests that led to wins abroad, a phenomenon that till then had been pretty rare in Indian cricket.

India won 15 Tests abroad during Dravid's career (excluding matches in Bangladesh and Zimbabwe). In those games he scored 1,577 runs at 65.70—both aggregate and average is higher than Tendulkar's.

In all, eight of his 11 Man-of-the-Matc h awards came in overseas
Tests, and five in overseas wins, including unforgettable performances at
Headingley (2002),
Adelaide (2003),
Rawalpindi (2004) and
Kingston (2006).
Tendulkar won only five of his 14 Man-of-the-Match awards
overseas, and only one in a win (excluding Bangladesh). In fact, no
Indian has won as many match awards overseas as Dravid has.

Dravid also scored mountains of runs in drawn tests overseas,
averaging more than 75 in those matches, with
10 centuries in 32 Tests.

Two times he scored a century in each inning of a Test. In fact, he is one of only three Indians to achieve this feat—Sunil Gavaskar and Vijay Hazare are the others.

He is the only batsman at the moment to have scored more than 10,000 runs at No. 3.8 On an average, he played 123 balls per
dismissal, with only Kallis higher at 125 balls for players who have played min 10,000 balls.

When Dravid was at the crease, the team scored 32,039 runs. Given that the entire Indian team scored 89,668 runs, it means 35.6 percent of the total runs that India made in Tests involving
Dravid were scored with him at the crease. The corresponding percentage for Tendulkar is 29.9, and 32.6 for Kallis. It is also
the highest partnership runs scored by any batsman ever.

Dravid is also the only batsman to be involved in more than 700
partnerships. No other batsman has even touched 650 so far.

Dravid has also been involved in more century stands than any other batsman—88.

Dravid is also the only batsman to have 10 or more century stands
with four others; no one else has even managed three.

He has the most Test Match catches— 210—a world record, and
was a great fielder at first short leg, and then slip.

Saurav Ganguly’s is regarded as India’s best captain with 21 Test
wins. In these 21 matches, Dravid has piled up an astonishing 2,571 runs at a record average of 102.84. These 21 matches had nine hundreds (including three double-hundreds ).

Dravid was at the
other end when Laxman became the highest Indian scorer in 2001
when he scored 280 (a 376 run-partnership ) in Kolkata,

was at the other end when Sehwag and Dravid were involved
in a 410 run-partnership in Lahore in 2006,

was at the other end when Sehwag bettered his own record and scored 319 runs against South Africa (268 run- partnership ), and

he was also at the other end when Sehwag scored 293 runs against SL in 2009 (a 237 run- partnership ).

It is not a mere coincidence that the top four of five scores by Indian batsmen have come when Rahul Dravid was
at the other end....

Some truths on Career Wives

Some truths on Career Wives----Girls should read, but Boys MUST read... By: Chetan Bhagat

Recently, I saw the recently released movie, Cocktail. The plot revolves around a philanderer hero who has to make the tough choice between two hot women. The uber-modern movie was set in London. The characters drank, danced in nightclubs and had one-night stands with aplomb. They worked in new-age aspirational jobs like glamour photography, graphic art and software design. And yet, the guy eventually chooses the girl who cooks home food, dresses conservatively, wins his mother's approval and is happy to be the ideal Indian wife. In fact, even the rejected girl, a free-spirited, independent woman agrees to change herself. To get the guy, she is happy to cook and change her lifestyle to match that of the ideal Indian wife.

While the movie was fun, such depictions disturb me a little. When successful, strong women are portrayed as finding salvation in making dal and roti for their husbands, one wonders what kind of India we are presenting to our little girls.

Really, is that what a woman's life is all about — to make hot phulkas? Of course, i shouldn't be so bothered, many would say. It is a Bollywood movie. The commercial pressure to present a palatable story is real. Above all, the makers have a right to tell the narrative they want.

Yet, when our most modern and forward cinema sinks into regressive territory, it is unfair to our women. It is also depressing because deep down we know such attitudes exist. Many Indian men, even the educated ones, have two distinct profiles of women — the girlfriend material and the wife material. One you party with, the other you take home. The prejudice against non-traditional women who assert themselves is strong.

Let us look at another part of the world. Yahoo, a leading tech firm and a Fortune 500 company, recently hired a new woman CEO, Marissa Mayer. What's more, she was six months pregnant when she was hired, a fact she did not hide in her interviews.

Marissa will take some time off after childbirth and will be back at work later. She can manage both. There is something to celebrate about that. Marissa is a role model for women and even men.

I'd like Indian men to have an open mind about choosing their life partners and revise their 'ideal woman' criteria. Having a traditional wife who cooks, cleans and is submissive might be nice. However, choosing a capable, independent and career-oriented woman can also bring enormous benefits. For instance, one, a man who marries a career woman gets a partner to discuss his own career with. A working woman may be able to relate better to organizational issues than a housewife. A spouse who understands office politics and can give you good advice can be an asset. Two, a working woman diversifies the family income streams. In the era of expensive apartments and frequent lay-offs, a working spouse can help you afford a decent house and feel more secure about finances. Three, a working woman is better exposed to the world. She brings back knowledge and information that can be useful to the family. Whether it's the latest deals or the best mutual fund to invest in, or even new holiday destinations, a working woman can add to the quality of life. Four, the children of a working woman learn to be more independent and will do better than mollycoddled children. Five, working women often find some fulfillment in their jobs, apart from home. Hence, they may have better life satisfaction, and feel less dependent on the man. This in turn can lead to more harmony. Of course, all these benefits accrue if men are able to keep their massive, fragile egos aside and see women as equals.

Sure, there are drawbacks also in being with working women. But the modern age that we are in, the phulka-making bride may come at a cost of missing out on other qualities. Please bear that in mind before you judge women based on their clothes, interest in the kitchen or the confidence in their voice.

My mother worked for 40 years. My wife is the COO at an international bank. It makes me proud. She doesn't make phulkas for me. We outsource that work to our help, and it doesn't really bother me. If my wife had spent her life in the kitchen, it would have bothered me more.

Please choose your partner carefully. Don't just tolerate, but accept and even celebrate our successful women. They take our homes ahead and our country forward. We may have less hot phulkas, but we will have a better nation.

INS Rajput(guided-missile destroyer)

INS Rajput(guided-missile destroyer)
Displacement:3,950 tons standard,
4,974 tons full load
Length:147 m (482 ft)
Propulsion:4 x gas turbine engines; 2 shafts, 72,000 hp
Speed:35 knots (65 km/h)
Range:4,000 mi (6,400 km) at 18 knots (33 km/h)
2,600 miles (4,200 km) at 30 knots (56 km/h)
Complement:320 (including 35 officers)
Armament:8 x Brahmos supersonic missiles,
1 x Dhanush ballistic missile,
1 x 76 mm main gun,
4 x 30 mm AK-230 guns,
2 x S-125M (NATO: SA-N-1) SAM twin launchers,
1 x 533 mm PTA 533 quintuple torpedo tube launcher,
2 x RBU-6000 anti-submarine mortars
Aircraft carried: 1 x Ka-28 or HAL Chetak helicopter

Dr Kurien - A Visionary Engineer

Verghese Kurien (26 November 1921 – 9 September 2012) was an Indian engineer and renowned social entrepreneur, best known as the "Father of white revolution","operation white flood" which aimed at wiping out scarcity of milk in India and also as creator of "Amul" Brand dairy products.

He is one of the greatest proponents of cooperative movement in the world.His work has alleviated millions out of poverty not only in India but also outside India. He has founded around 30 institutions of excellence (like AMUL,GCMMF,IRMA,NDDB etc)which are owned,managed by farmers and run by professionals. NDDB is an exception as it is a govt organisation but set up to replicate success of Dr. Vergese Kurien across India which is called "Anand model".

As the founding chairman of the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), Kurien was responsible for the creation and success of Amul brand of dairy products. A key achievement at Amul was the invention of milk powder processed from buffalo's milk (abundant in India), as opposed to that made from cow-milk.

Dr Verghese Kurien was an epitome of dedication and commitment, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi said while expressing grief over demise of the father of the 'white revolution' on Sunday. "His life was the perfect example of 'one life one mission' and I, on behalf of the government and the people of Gujarat, heartily express condolences to Dr Kurien," he said.

"The news of Dr Kurien's demise is a major shock for the whole nation which was mesmerised by 'white revolution' inspired by him," Modi said.

"My heartfelt tribute on sad demise of Dr Verghese Kurien. His pioneering work gave the milk revolution, transformed India and touched us all," Modi said in his tweet following demise of Dr Kurien early on Sunday.

A pall of gloom has descended on cooperative sector patronised by Dr Kurien. The cooperative leaders and parties across political spectrum have also mourned the death of the veteran "milkman".

Terming Dr Kurien as a "visionary", state Congress president Arjun Modhwadia said, "Dr Verghese Kurien made an indispensable contribution to the nation".

Opposition Leader Shaktisinh Gohil and other party leaders including Bharatsinh Solanki have also condoled his death.

Newly elected chairman of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Vipul Chaudhary in his condolence message said, "When there was no television, no mobile phones available, he (Dr Kurien) communicated his vision promptly, effectively and created a revolution."

CARTOONS against CORRUPTION by Aseem Trivedi

Mumbai: IAC activist Aseem Trivedi arrested on charges of sedition

Trivedi has been sent to a week of police custody for allegedly posting 'ugly and obscene' content on his web portal.

Aseem Trivedi
Aseem Trivedi is a renowned Indian political cartoonist and activist, best known for his anti corruption campaign Cartoons Against Corruption. He is a founder member of Save Your Voice, a movement against internet censorship in India. Wikipedia
Born: 1987, Kanpur 

Release Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi


Charged with sedition and insulting national emblems in his cartoons, Aseem Trivedi — a political cartoonist based in Kanpur — surrendered  to poilce in Mumbai on September 8, 2012.
The Mumbai Police’s cyber wing had blocked Trivedi’s website,, last December, sparking a debate on freedom of expression in India. He is a founder member of Save Your Voice, a movement against internet censorship in India.
In January, a case of sedition was filed against him at the Beed district court. In another case before the Bombay HC, Trivedi has been charged with insulting India’s national symbols.
He has been awarded Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award for 2012 by CRNI.The Cartoonists Rights Network International urged the authorities in the world’s largest democracy to stand up for free speech and put an end to all the attempts to silence Aseem’s political speech. Dr. Robert Russell, Executive Director of CRNI, commented, "Aseem’s enemies either don’t know how to interpret symbols in editorial cartoons or are knowingly twisting the law to silence dissent in order to shield corrupt officials.


I just signed the following petition addressed to: Shri R R Patil , Maharashtra , Home Minister.

Release Political Cartoonist Assem Trivedi

Respected Sir

Aseem Trivedi, 25, is a freelance cartoonist and 2012 recipient of the ‘Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award’ of Virginia-based Cartoonists Rights Network International. He shares the award with Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat who is on Time magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. Controversial cartoons parodying national symbols and emblems were displayed by Trivedi during the anti-corruption protests led by Anna Hazare in December 2011, leading to private complaints being filed against him.

In January, a case of sedition was filed against him at the Beed district court. In another case before the Bombay HC, Trivedi has been charged with insulting India’s national symbols.

A Mumbai Police team visited his residence in Kanpur on August 30. Aseem was not at home, but his parents were taken to the local police station. By the time he reached the police station, the police team had left. It was only after he made calls to the Mumbai Police that he was told about a complaint filed by advocate Rajendra Pratap Yadav. The police did not send me any notice earlier, to him.

On Sept 8, Assem Trivedi arrived in Mumbai and straight went to Bandra Kurla Station and was arrested he has been charged under under 124a sedition, 66a of IT Act and National Emblem act

Slapping Sec 124a sedition on Aseem is absolutely unacceptable . Aseem’s cartoons are clearly not an attempt to co-opt national symbols for a commercial venture. In the language of the law, they do not tend to create an impression that they relate to the Government or that they are official documents of the Government. Aseem’s cartoons are indictments of the pervasive corruption in the corridors of India’s Parliament. And that’s political speech worthy of a great democracy’s protection.

I demand Aseem Trivedi be released immediately. The Indian Constitution allows for “the right to freedom of speech and expression.”


[Your name]