Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to fix /eyeblaster/addineyeV2.html redirect error?

There are many bloggers and admins facing the problem of unwanted and frustrating redirects to which results in an error page not found. This article will help you understand what is this error and how and why this occurs. I hope this article will be informative and help you solve the error. 


Frames allow a visual HTML Browser window to be split into segments, each of which can show a different document. An inline frame (iframe) places another HTML document in a frame. Unlike an object element, an inline frame can be the "target" frame for links defined by other elements and it can be selected by the user agent as the focus for printing, viewing its source, etc.

iframe busters

If your website implements its tags in iframes, you may find that certain creatives, such as Flash creatives, do not show and the backup GIF file is being served instead. If this is the case, you may need to upload an "iframe buster" or stub file onto your web server. These files are provided by 3rd-party ad servers and custom creative vendors. Your webmaster will normally upload these files to the following location:

iframe busters are intended to break a webpage out of an iframe inside another page. This is similar to frame busters, where a website may be encased in a frameset with a second frame up top with a digg bar or advertisement having been linked form a separate site. A framekiller (or framebuster or framebreaker) is a piece of JavaScript code that prevents a Web page from being displayed within a frame. A frame is a subdivision of a Web browser window and can act like a smaller window. This kind of script is often used to prevent a frame from an external Web site being loaded from within a frameset without permission, often as part of clickjacking attack.

Here is the list of all iframes busters:

VendorFile path
DoubleClick Rich
DoubleClick Ad
EyeBlaster (Mediamind)

The error of will be generated when you are using rich flash objects on your website, mostly advertisements and that object can't be displayed. In that cases you have to add the required file at specified directory in your site.

Download addineyeV2.html