Wednesday, December 22, 2010


For people who always say that they haven't loved or they haven't been loved EVER, This one is for them:

You're not going to have a person beside you forever, FOREVER IS A LIE!

People will come, people will have to go. But if they love you while they stay, WHAT ELSE MATTERS?

Nobody's perfect, you aren't either and you never will be. So while someone is WITH you, stay WITH that person. MAKE TIME for each other, hold onto that person. GIVE SOMEONE THE MOST OF YOU, YOU CAN.

You live and you breathe and then you die. In between, IF YOU'RE LUCKY, YOU FALL IN LOVE. Otherwise, nobody's going to write poetry for you, nobody's going to think about you every moment. But when someone will give you a part of his/her that he/she knows you could break, don't break it. HANDLE THAT SOMEONE WITH UTMOST CARE!

Don't hurt someone, don't try to change someone. Don't expect more than that someone can give. Smile when someone makes you happy, yell when that someone makes you mad. Miss that someone when that someone is not around and let that someone know it. Don't be scared of love. LOVE HARD WHEN THERE IS LOVE TO BE HAD!
Love is all around, it's in the air! ♥

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