Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to connect to Server IP in CS 1.6?

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  • How to play CS 1.6 in LAN?
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If you are having any sort of question listed above then you have come to right place. All these questions refers to a same answer that I have explained in this tutorial with pics.

First of all to play Counter Strike online you need an Internet connection with bandwidth (speed) of 32kbps. You also need to install Counter Strike 1.6.

There are two methods to join an online server.
First one is for temporary connection and second one is a saved connection.

Method 1 :-

You just need to press ~ key (it is below esc key and above tab key).
By pressing ~ key it will open console.
You have to write connect ip:port; in this case ip is and port is 27027.
In this method you need to type this every time you want to play on a server.

Method 2 :-

In this method we will save the Server IP so we will not have to type it every time and we can simply join it by clicking on it.

 Step 1:
Go to Find Servers options from CS menu and click on it. It will open the dialogue box shown in pic.
Then click on Favourites tabs from above menu.
Select Add Server option from below.
Type the server ip along with port separated by :

 Step 2:
After adding the server in your favorite list you can refresh it to see the current map and no. of players in that server at that time.

Step 3:
Now all is done. You just simply have to connect to the server.
Next time when you want to play you can simply go to find servers then in Favourites tab you can find this server and connect to it.

After joining into the server it will look like these

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