Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How To Protect Yourself Using Orkut

What is Bom Sabado Scrap

If you see Bom Sabado in your scrapbook and are confused about what it means,read this
It is a Portuguese word which means Good Saturday. It is a worm which has attacked hundreds of Orkut users and is spreading like fire in jungle. Not only personal scrapbooks, but its also affecting Orkut Groups.
What you can do?
Clear your cookies and change your password as soon as possible and try to avoid logging to your account unless it is patched by Google.

How To Protect Yourself Using Orkut

Here are five things that could expose you and five simple tips for prevention:
(1) Your Profile on Google!
It is not commonly known that the search giant Google can show the profile of an Orkut user in its search results. It means anyone, after entering in a few details of an account can see the whole profile. So, to stop anyone from doing that, there are a couple of steps to be followed:
On the left corner of your profile is a tab that reads Settings. Click on the tab and then navigate to Privacy. There will be an option like this:
Here as highlighted in the picture, just click on hide information and you are safer!
(2) Unwanted Friend Requests
If there are a lot of people sending you requests to be their friend, and you don’t wish to receive them, then here is what you can do:
Again just click on the tab Privacy that comes up when one clicks on Settings, and look for the following option:
Go for the option that suits you best.
(3) Disabling Photo Tagging Option
If one of your friend has a photo of yours then any of his/her friends can attach identification to that photograph, this is called tagging. Adding a tag to a photograph means identifying a person from a photo and giving a link to that person’s profile so that when anyone clicks on that tag, he or she is redirected to your profile.
It is again under the Privacy tag, there is an option of enable photo tagging. Just unclick that.
(4) Deciding who can watch your profile?
If you don’t want every one visiting your account to read your profile or watch your photographs or write anything in your scrapbook, then here is what you can do:
On the privacy page again there is an option of allowing the contents to be accessed by.
View Scrapbook means who can see what is written in your scrapbook?
Write in Scrapbook = who can write in your scrapbook.
Photos = who can see your photographs
Videos = who can watch the videos on your Orkut profile
How to protect your E-mail addresses?
E-mail is something personal and if it falls into wrong hands can be hacked by a hacker who can block your Orkut account. There is a way out of this too. Again in the Privacy page you will find an icon like this one:
Just choose the second option and you are safer!

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