Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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The Way We Came To Know Each other,
The Way We First Spoke,
The Way We Relate Today,
Amazing Fact,
How Unknown People Became Unforgettable Part Of Our Life.
That's The Life 'n Friendship"..!


It's Not In The Hand You Hold,
But How You Hold The Hand.

It's Not In The Tears You Dry,
But All The Reasons Why.

It's Not How You Make A Person Smile
But Whether Or Not It's Worth While.

It's Not In The Conversation,
But In The Way You Listen.

It's Not In The Laughter,
But What Comes Before And Everything After.

The Key To Friendship..
Is Not In Two People Relating,
But In Two Hearts communicating


Since Our Friendship Started.....

There Have Been So Many Times ......

" I "

Disturbed You ....
Irritated You....
Frustrated You....

Today My Message To You Is , Just To Say

I Will Continue ........


Why Do We Run To
Help A Friend Even
After A Bitter Quarrel .

Why Do We Feel Pleasure
In Teasing The One We Love .

Why Are We Consoled Only
When We Are Consoled By
The One Who Made Us Cry .

Why Do We Love Our Loved One
Even When They Hate Us ?


In Life,
Some Defeats Are Sweeter Than Victory. . !
Life Is So Short To Realize This
Just Feel It ! Love It And Live It