Sunday, December 5, 2010


seating on the seat, i drove my ride
flirting the road i just went all side

the heat of the engine was touching my feet
thrust and the rumble that ran through my seat

i just went wild on the road and then
my moms words came to my head again

i knew she would be waiting for me at the door
so i slowed down and didn't hit the floor

she told me nice things to drive safe & slow
i used to see her fear so i gave her a bow

there came a cross road down ahead
the next thing i see is i am in a white bed

too bad that guys mom didn't tell him to go slow
he learned it hard way by hitting me a blow

now i ask my mom what was my fault
why the hell i had to be assault

my legs are gone and are gone for sure
no biking now that was my pleasure pure

i got hit by a car but i am happy in the bed
coz i ain't the reason behind some ones else's dread

i hope now his mommy tells him to drive slow at the bent
coz he almost took my mom's angel in that accident

please drive carefully... you might ruin some one's life for just a moment of fun