Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rates Of Food In INDIA

Rates Of Food In INDIA-

Tea 1.00
Soup 5.50
Dal 1.50
Meals 2.00
Chappati 1.00
Chicken 24.50
Dosa 4.00
Veg Briyani 8.00
Fish 13.00

Are You Surprised?

These items are available at Indian Parliament Canteen for Poor MP''s. 

Salary of those Poor People is only Rs.80,001 per mnth. 

Plz Help.

They Are Still Hungry.


=> incredible india:

* assembly buildings r getting ready within 1yr, while public transport bridges alone takes several yrs to b completed.

* education is in the hands of private owners tasmac is in the hands of govt..

* footwears sold in an ac show room, whereas, vegetables sold in the platform.

*a nation where pizza reachs home faster then amblnce &police

*were rice is rs40 but sim card is free.

*olympic shooter wins gold, govt gives 3crore,anothr shootr dies fighting wid terrorist, govt pays only 1lakh