Thursday, December 30, 2010

WAP sites & WEB sites

The website and wap is some what different to each other as
1) website is for viewing pages[internet] in computer (desktop,laptop)
2) and wapsite is for viewing pages
[internet] in handled devices (smartphones,cellphones)

A wap site address is written slightly differently to a website address. Once typed in or clicked on, you can view wap sites on mobile devices, phones and PDAs. Wap sites use text instead of graphics, making it easier to read information on your wap phone. A website address can be written like this: and a wap site address like this: http://daydr3am3r.multimedia 

WAP (wireless application protocol) websites are designed for access by small mobile devices. The smaller screen sizes of these devices sometimes make it inconvenient to display large websites. By minimizing content, especially large graphic objects, a WAP website is more easily navigated by mobile visitors. WAP sites are designed using the wireless markup language (WML), which is derived from HTML. Those already familiar with HTML will have no trouble developing a WAP site. However, WML is more strict than HTML as it follows the XML standard. Whereas HTML is more forgiving when programming code does not contain the proper syntax, WML will instead not load the page. With attention to this and a few other unique WML characteristics, it is possible to build a WAP page fairly easily.