Friday, April 22, 2011

This is how I learn UML

Hello folks!.. Presenting you some stuff to laugh.. Revealing my secrets to learn UML (Unified Modelling Language).. :P :P :P
I have made a Use Case Diagram of one of my friend.. and I bet if you are an engineering student you can't stop laughing..  :D :D :D
Here I mentioned his pet name Chesser [because chess is his fav. game].. And just look at the operations!!..

1. He acts as he is a amateur little kid.......
2. Always likes to blow your ears with his songs...
3. In Lectures he is the one who is still excited to study while everyone don't.. specially in Mathematics!
4. Though he sits on the first bench he manages to chat via SMS!!!!!!!!!.. {I don't even touch my cell sitting @ the same place!....}
5. Babaal = in a light tone, Quarrel
6. He calls ALL girls with the suffix "JI".... < syntax: Girl's Name+ji >
7. When everyone has (mass) bunked he attends lectures and because of that everyone gets lesser attendance
8. Having Multiple Spectacles Frames.. he keeps switching...
9. The only person I've seen who feels uncomfortable writing without scale.. he needs a scale man!!..