Friday, May 27, 2011

NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture)

  • If you are dreaming to be an Architect, you must start preparing for NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) exam.
  • NATA exam for B.Arch courses after 12th standard in Commerce, Arts or Science.
  • prepare through sample papers, mock test, self study books and material for NATA preparation, surely you will crack this exam with flying colors.
  • All Architecture colleges accept NATA score for admission. Percentage of 12th standard will also be considered for admission.

NATA test has two papers.

1. Aesthetic Sensitivity Test :- 100 Marks. (One Hour) This test is carried out online at test centers.

2. Drawing Test :- 100 Marks. (Two Hours) This test will be conducted after you finish first test at same test center.  

To crack NATA exam, you have to score 80 Marks out of 200 Total Marks of both papers.

For Aesthetic Sensitivity Test Prepare following:-

1. Analytical Reasoning
2. Architectural Awareness (General knowledge question about Architecture, famous building etc..)
3. Identifying commonly used material and objects based on their texture
4. Visualizing three dimensional objects through two dimensional drawing
5. Visualizing different sides of three dimensional objects
6. Mental ability.
7. Imaginative comprehension and expression

For Drawing Test Prepare following:-

1. Learn to sketch given object proportionately and rendering in a visually appealing manner
2. Light and Shadow on object and its surrounding
3. Perspective Drawing
4. You should be able to combine three dimensional object to form stable structure and depict in sketching
5. Sense of Scale and Proportion
6. Color composition, Sense of Color
7. Memory Drawing
8. You should be able to sketch two dimensional composition using given shape and form

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