Saturday, May 28, 2011

USB Universal Mobile Cell Phone Battery Charger (Butterfly Charger)

Universal battery charger for you to use to charge your cell phones, PDAs and digital camera batteries with standard size and capacity. This universal battery charger can save you all the other chargers of different types.You can use the Universal battery charger to charge different cell phone, PDA or camera batteries at home, in the office or when traveling. And it allows you to test the positive / negative connection for your battery before you begin charging. Also, no power is applied to the battery if the polarity (positive / negative) is reversed to prevent short-circuiting the battery. Spring-hinge clip holds battery in place while it is being charged. Advanced CMOS micro-controller chip manages the charging process for safe, rapid and reliable battery charging. Suitable for any cell phone, PDA, PDA cell phone and digital camera batteries.

Manual for the universal battery charger
1. Press the spring-hinge clip to open the charger and insert the battery. Align the metal contact pins to the metal contacts on the battery. Some batteries have more than 2 battery contacts; you can only begin by aligning with the left and right-most battery contacts or the ones with (positive / negative) statement. A test light will indicate that you have the correct contacts. 
2. Make sure the metal pins make contact with the battery contacts. It does not matter which pin lines up with the positive or negative contacts on battery. 
3. Pull the plug out and plug the Universal Battery Charger (with battery attached) to a power outlet. # "CH" light flashing indicates your battery is being charged. # "OK" light indicates your battery is fully charged. 

General Features :
  • Usb Universal Charger
  • Universal A C Charger Features
  • AC power adapter allows you to easily adapt your USB sync charging cable to work from any 100VAC outlet.
  • Portable and lightweight adapter rapidly charges NICd, Ni-Mh and Li-Lon batteries.
  • With an output connector of a USB female head, portable charger adaptor can be used with a USB sync cable to charge your MP3 player, MP4 player, PDA or mobile phone.
  • USB Travel AC Wall Charger
  • Compact design
  • Input : 100 - 240 VAC 5060HZ compatible for international travel
  • Max Output : 5 VDC, 300 Ma

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