Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WOT is so confusing

Yes.. you guessed it right.. WOT is not so trustworthy.. WOT(Web Of Trust) is dependent upon user's ratings... If average ratings of a site is Good(Green Ring) then even if it being a spamming site, it would show you that the site is O.K.(not harmful).. and you simply just can't rely on such user's ratings.. App developer have to check for each site's rating by manually checking the site...

Let me show you an example:

Some Good Active users have voted the link as spam so as a result you can see the Red Ring.. Now see the second pic.. WOT is now not clear about site's status in the gap of 10 hours!!.. And finally the domain is changed at the very next moment and the site is voted safe!!.......... xXx...

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