Sunday, July 24, 2011

TATA DoCoMo : The Biggest Lier (Spot an error & Unwanted Services SCAM)

Tata Docomo with their slogan : Keep it simple silly (which is copied from Keep it simple stupid) starring their brand ambassador claims that they do not frustrate us with unwanted services [as shown in above pic.].. but this are all lies.. Me and one of my friend faced problems with that.. We were both charged regularly for Rs. 10 each time for Astrology Services which we never activated!!..  and when we tried to remove the service they said there is no such service activated!!.. WTF!!..
Then I tried to post my complaint on their website after getting that damn answer from them.. and this is what the error I got on their website..

After getting disappointed from both ways I have to registered my compaint on their Facebook Page..

And an automated reply was what I got after such frustration.. :(

*After some days I got my latest deducted 10 Rs. back.. but they still ate my 30 Rs.. Aah!.. Tata Docomo sucks.... :xxx.....