Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blackberry Empathy

The Empathy is an angular phone that looks absolutely stunning--and a tad bonkers. Its front is home to an OLED touch screen that's transparent when not in use, and opaque at other times. It wouldn't be a proper BlackBerry without a physical keyboard, but the Empathy's is located on its back.
BlackBerry Empathy has several specifications, including:
* Connecting direct users to sites like FaceBook and MySpace for instant messaging and status updates.
* Equipped with proximity sensor, allowing you to detect people’s emotions through a graph closest emotion with a visual timeline.
* Use the key moves
* Keyboard tactile translucent and flexible OLED screen
* Plus HUD (heads up display).
* The button on the phone can change color according to user emotion, a feeling through the messages, phone calls and biometric sensors.
* Represents the concept of social networking through portable devices are popular among the masses, but only biometric technology will take it to another level.
* Represents the latest innovations in technology
* You can also do live video chat on your cell phone while traveling.