Saturday, December 10, 2011

General Knowledge...

1) Longest English Word:
 Praetertranssubstan tiationalistical ly has 37 letters.
2) Book Without Letter "e" :
 GADFY, written by Earnest Wright in 1939 is a 50,000+ word book, which doesn't contain a single word with 'e' in it
3) Word without Vowel:
4) Human Brain:
 Organ of body which has no sensation when cut.
5) Crocodile :
 Only animal & reptile which sheds tear while eating.
6) No: of Alphabets, which SOUND AS WORDS : They are
 B Bee
 C Sea
 G  Zee
 I Eye
 Q Queue
 R Are 
 S Yes
 T Tea
 U You
 Y Why