Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nishan,Naam,Namak (Insignia,Name,Loyalty)

Random Thoughts on Nishan (Insignia) Naam (Name) & Namak (Loyalty).

A soldier speaks.

From time immemorial Armies and Empires have Risen and fallen
for the Nishan and Naam.
The Epic war of Mahabharta was fought
keeping aside the Good, Bad and the Evil
on the lines of Nishan and Naam
Insignias unite, integrate and
motivate one and all.
In schools we fight for the
school Crest and Name.
In Academies we fight for the
Squadron and company Name.
In Battalions and Regiments we fight for
the Nishan and Name.
We motivate and demand loyalty( Namak)
to the Nishan and Naam.
India stands united by the tri-colour
flag (Insignia) and the Name.
Loyalty (Namak) gets into the blood
be it e-mail IDs, tele numbers and Names.
Political Parties also fight and fall for their Nishan and Naam!
Naam Nishan and Namak starts from our birth
and carries on from generation to generation- Naam
The powers that be – “Think before you act”
To tinker with the time tested motivating factor Nishan and Naam
A Soldiers wish and passion-
Onwards and Upwards for the Flag (Insignia) and Naam.

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