Monday, February 20, 2012

Top Things To Know If He/She Is The Right One For You

"Top Things To Know If He/She Is The Right One For You"...

You might have been in to a lot of relationship 'n it doesn’t seem to work out.
You tried everything 'n the things that you are obligated to do just ends up being useless 'n this is really disappointing.
there are certain things that would keep you in mind of something that might help you in finding the right person for you.
It actually pretty simple 'n its not complicated at all.

Strong connection – For you to know whether he/she is the right one for you.
During your first dates together, you already felt the strong connection between you two.
It is like both of you know each other well enough even from your first time of being together.

Just like in friendship, everything that we do or say is already understandable with our friends.
To know whether he/she is the right one, then there should be that strong bonding
'n connection that is hardly impossible to separate.

Trust -There would come a time that you or your partner might lie to each other
but this doesn’t really make them as bad people.
If you might lie to your partner then they should be willing to forgive
'n forget 'n the trust is still there.
This kind of person are just hard to let go, since they understand you more than they understand themselves.
They would still risk everything just for them to trust you enough in order for both your relationship to be in the right track.

Compatibility – This may sound superstitious but sometime astrology is real.
Check out in what zodiac signs are compatible for you.
'n understand what type of person they are in their signs.
Zodiac signs are real at some point
'n it doesn’t mean if your signs are not compatible with each other then it will never work.
It just the idea to know whether he/she is the right one for you is to check if you two have the same things in common.
This would really help you finding the right person for you

Attraction – Its more on a physical 'n emotional way when a person is attracted to someone.
If you are really attracted with that person, then it would make you feel like he/she is suitable for you.
its not just physically like she’s beautiful or he’s handsome,
'n you feel like they are the right one for you.

The thing is, once you are attracted to them even at their bad ways,
then you will feel like you can live with it forever.
There is no doubt that he/she is really the right one for you.
The question is, are they thinking that you are right for them?
Who knows, just show them who you really are,
'n if they accept you, then both of you are right for each other.. !