Friday, March 2, 2012

GIT TechXtreme 2012 [19th and 20th March]

TechXtreme on 19th and 20th of March... Get prepared...

some of our events:
  • Quiz-E-Cyber : CE/IT Technical Quiz 
  • Techmod- presentation of a technical models
  • techxapper- paper presentation
  • skhemoxnika- based on circuit design
  • Econtrxmisor- hunt based on FM module
  • Robopathxdetector- detect the patch and run your ways
  • Roborace- survival of the fastest
  • Robowar- combat between robots
  • Robo soccer-soccer match between robots
  • Angry bots-based on angry birds theme
  • Paper presentation-platform for ideas and imagination
  • Git stock exchange-game based on stock market
  • Spellathon- spelling marathon
  • fun@git-spot event
  • snap it-photography contest
  • youngistan express-publish your newspaper
  • robo roadies-get your robots ready for the roadies
  • LAN gaming-fifa'10 & counter strike& Nfs Most wanted